Project Life 2016 | Week 40


One thing I've learned from doing this project for the last 3 years is that towards the end of the year I find myself taking less photos. The photos I do take are usually of food, or the changing leaves. Mostly the leaves, but that's what makes this Autumn Story Teller kit from The Crafty Pocket so perfect for those weeks where the seasons are changing.


Of course I try to document the Christmas cards I'm making, and this year that includes a set with Christmas lights and a digital stamp from this set by Jasmine Jones as part of last year's December Daily kits. I also made a set using some Kellie Stamps from this set and this set. You can see more about those cards in this post. My sister sent me the photo of my nephew sitting on his chair on the couch (she told him to get down after taking the photo of course).

This week I had my niece and nephew make cards for the gifts we made last week for their parents. I got some new books (all of which I've finished reading already) and I documented some sunrise photos. The bottom right photo is a flip up.


I had more story I wanted to include there about getting up early to go to work and enjoying seeing the sun shine through these trees on the way up and on the way back. I rarely document the alley going home (it's dark and I'm not usually walking).

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I'm only documenting up to the end of November in my Project Life album and all of December goes into December daily. Unless I have too many photos and stories, but then I might just do some traditional pages, or exclude them for now. This years album is full, just like last year, and I don't think December will fit in it.

Chalkboard Mini Album | Love You Because


Our internet has been ridiculously awful, and I know it's such a first world problem, but internet has become such a huge part of our lives. Without it I wouldn't be able to share this here with all of you, and that's important to me. So the internet is clearly important.

Today I'm sharing this mini album I made using a mini chalkboard from Michaels. The tutorial to make this album comes from one of my faves Wilna Furstenberg, as part of her Love Mini Album Workshop (worth every penny in my opinion). This was my first time making the album, though I've watched the class videos at least a dozen times, and if I had to do it again, I think I'd staple half the pages to the front and the other half to the back, and stagger them a bit so all the pages can flip nicely.

I'm not going to talk too much about this, it's pretty straight forward if you buy the tutorial. In her videos Wilna cuts up new pocket pages, I used scraps left over from other projects. I fused or stitched each pocket closed once I had all the cards, photos, journaling and embellishments where I wanted them. Most of them open on the right or left edge, and I didn't want to worry about things falling out of the pockets. I added in different sized pockets (3x4s in a couple places) and love the varying page sizes. The inside cover is kind of messy, but I really wanted to use that frame on the front, so I embraced the brads sticking through to secure it as much as I wanted.

Okay, now on to the photos.

I used this kit by Heidi Swapp for all of the 3x4 and 4x6 cards. It doesn't seem to be available anywhere anymore, except possibly on Amazon for a ridiculous price, but you could probably find it in the Becky Higgins digital shop, or in the Project Life App if that's how you scrapbook.

I made my niece a mini book back in 2014 as well, documenting our weekly visits at my mom's house and sharing with her some of the photos I have sitting in my computer. This album is along the same lines and I have one more that I want to make for this year, but I have less photos now that she's in school for full days.

Thanks for coming by to see this. I hope it encourages you to turn something possibly unusual into a mini album. Anything is possible.

Project Life 2016 | Week 38


Today I'm sharing Week 38. This was right around the time it finally started to look more like fall, but it was still warm for the most part. Lots of Christmas card prep, and a few other projects going on.


Like most memory keepers, there are those photos you love and keep coming back to. For me, those include whatever I'm working on, my constantly changing craftroom, from where I stand, and photos of our backyard through the constantly changing weather. I'm thinking maybe next year my title cards will be replaced with a weekly photo of the backyard.


I'm trying to document more of the little mundane things, like the view of the alley from the other direction, the back yard during a different time of day. My sewing machine that I have only ever used on paper. I'm also trying to use the Story Kits from Ali Edwards (purchase the current kit here) to tell more of the story, or tell it in a slightly different way, or tell a story I might not have thought of without that card prompting me.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I'm slowly catching up on other projects and finding little pockets of sunshine to photograph everything. Hoping the sunshine holds out a little longer before overcast winter starts and makes everything blue/grey and gloomy. On Friday I have a very special project to share so I'll see you all then.

Project Life 2016 | Week 37


I can't believe the first week of November is over. I'm excited for December, but I also can't believe we're coming to the end of the year already. I'm going to try and enjoy as much of the remaining weeks that I can. I've been trying to catch up on a few fall projects and resist the urge to prep my album for December Daily. I've been diligently trying to keep up with my Project Life spreads though, and that means we have another one today.


The left side is so simple. I put all the stories for the photos into list form on a single journal card. One thing I love about pocket pages is it doesn't have to be complicated. If you don't have a lot of words, just fill all the other pockets.


The right side tells a slightly longer story about setting up this blog, and then some shorter stories about "around here". One of my favourites that I don't use nearly as often as I should. It's such a simple way to tell little stories of what's happening with us. Which is perfect because we so rarely have "big" stories that require a lot of words to get the story told.

Thanks so much for coming by to see this spread. I hope you have a wonderful week. I'll try and have something different up on Wednesday.

Project Life 2016 | Week 36


Forever using my stash, and slowing making my way through my stack of Ali Edwards cards from past Story Kits. Still loving them and the extra bits to tell our stories.


Here's the left side; a bunch of little stories that make a complete story. Consistently trying to find new ways to use my supplies, including that gold foil yes heart that I put across two journal cards.


Here's the right side; documenting the beginning of my new site, more pieces for my brothers wedding, two months of books. Simple, lots of words, and photos. When you work through 9 weeks at once, it's easier to keep it simple and just get it done.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. At some point I plan to share more of the pieces I made for my brother's wedding, but I'm waiting on a couple of photos. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Project Life 2016 | Week 35


A little late with this one, the weather has been extra gloomy here lately. I don't think I've seen the sun in at least a week. But a little photo editing made these come out nicely despite the gloom. Today I'm sharing week 35 using the Sommerset pocket cards from The Crafty Pocket (available here)


I love that photo Jon took of the dragon he painted this week. It's possibly one of my favourites. I also have this weird obsession with shots of my desk, maybe it's the rainbow of washitape at the back. I also would like to say I'm sorry that I've let my stick people art skills become horrible. I'll work on them.


The right side includes a slightly funny story about the cupcakes we tried to make but forgot to add eggs to, so we had to scrape them back into the bowl and add the eggs. Luckily I remembered them before we tried to bake the cupcakes. Dodged a bullet there.

Thanks for coming by to see this quick post about this week. I added in chipboard pieces from a variety of past Story Kits from Ali Edwards (check out the current kit here).