2017 | Week 51


Big love for this spread. It was just before Christmas, and yet the only thing REALLY Christmas related, is the gifts under the tree. Still love this one. Using old and new December daily bits, and pieces from the Give Story Kit, and this journal card set.


Some of these photos are repeats from December Daily, but I have absolutely no problem scrapbooking the same photo over and over again. The words are never exactly the same, and I sometimes try to look at the story from another perspective, but sometimes I just repeat myself, which is absolutely something I do even outside of memory keeping.


Still love that wrapping paper, the snow, Gracie photos and sunsets. I had intended to include more photos of myself throughout the album this year, and I included some, but I don't remember even taking that many of them, so of course I included this selfie that I also included in December Daily.