2017 | Week 49


This spread is so BLUE and I love it. I used some cards from my December Daily stash, and I printed a few digitals from the Time Story Kit. Repeating the chipboard embellishment formula using the phrases, and the vacation piece from this chipboard bundle Ali released this past summer. I love how simple the middle row feels with mostly words.


Sometimes I feel like my title card also creates a sort of "theme" for my weekly spreads. Like this one says "together" and most of the stories I told this week, are about us being together. With Gracie and with each other. I added a chipboard phrase strip to every photo that corresponded with that photo.


The right side basically covers the weekend for us. Gracie photo, zoo lights, a day of relaxing in the hotel for me while Jon's at a tournament and the drive home. I love that this spread is just simple. The stories were straightforward and having a formula for adding embellishments makes things so much faster.