2017 | Week 47


When Ali does a Project Life catch up, she talks about "formulas" and one of her formulas is repeating an embellishment across a spread. I've got a literal ton of chipboard pieces from past Story Kits and various chipboard bundles and other kits Ali has released. I also added in a 3x4 card from an old Feed Your Craft kit. 


This week we put up our tree, I finished drilling my album cover and got ready to stitch it. The "right place right time" chipboard piece is hiding a dead animal. We came out of work after closing and someone had been hunting earlier that day and just strapped their animal to a rack on the back of their vehicle. I laughed out loud and insisted on taking a picture, but knowing it might be sensitive or offensive, I added a flip pocket and stuck the chipboard onto a piece of clear plastic and slipped it into the pocket to hide it.


So many words. I took a box of old stickers and die cuts and things to my niece and nephew. They were so ridiculously excited. I put together simple little books for them to put their stickers into and it kept them entertained for at least an hour. We had so much fun.