December Daily 2017 | Days 22-25


Seriously you guys, that cover makes me so happy. Even though the bottom rows have a very pronounced curve to them. You can read more of my ramblings about the cover in PART 1 and a little more in PART 2 and don't forget to check out PART 3.


Day 22 is all about the last shift of work before the holidays. I meant to include more about what we did aside from work, but instead just slipped in a photo from The Grand Tour o remind me that we watched it that night after work. I added a white heart sticker and stapled the cork number onto the December card and called it done.

Day 23 was the work Christmas party. I put some of the photos out of order, but I'm still happy with how it came together. This photo of Jon and his parents with Santa is super blurry, but I made it black and white and love how it came together.


I stapled the cork number and a plastic circle from the 2016 Paislee Press kit to the top edge of the photo. I love that by "framing" the number, it draws your attention to it.


Day 23 continues onto the next page with a full page selfie. When I was looking at the photos I'd taken from this day and  trying to put the spread together I was all "do I really need a full page photo of my face (okay, half of my face)? The answer was yes because somehow I'd managed to get to the day 23 with a single photo of myself.

I have my feet on Day 1, and a photo of my face on Day 3, but that's it. This is a project about me, and my life, and yet I'm in a total of 1 photo with my face. It's not that I don't know how to get myself into photos, I simply avoid them - like the Santa photo on the previous page. I don't feel comfortable being in front of the camera and over the last 5-6 years I've noticed a decline in the number of selfies I take, and photos I appear in.

So all this rambling to say yes, yes I did need a full page photo of myself, with a gold embossed 23. I actually really liked this photo right after I snapped it, and I still like it. Trying not to pick out all of the details I hate about it. 


I added one of the gold foil tags and stapled one of the phrase strips from the main kit to a felt heart, also from the main kit. I stapled the phrase to the heart and used glue dots to adhere the phrase strip to the tag.


On the back of the tag I journaled about the Christmas party. I added some phrase stickers to the top and the same ribbon that I used on the first tag. I added some additional photos from my walk to the party on the page to the right, with a transparency from the Paislee Press mini kit.


Day 24 we went to Jon's parents' for dinner since work was officially closed and we really didn't want to cook, but his mom was making dinner for everyone. I kept things pretty simple since I knew Christmas Day was coming up and I had a ton of photos and the album was already getting a little bulky. 


I added an acrylic piece from Color Cast Designs (it's from 2015 I think) to my large sunset photo. I tried to get it in the middle-ish and I love it's contrast against the colours of the sunset.


For most of December I'd wanted to capture the reflection of our tree in the livingroom window, and I finally did on Christmas Eve. We'd come home early-ish from Jon's parents because we were going out early the next morning so the kids didn't have to wait to open gifts.

I told the story about how on our way home, it was so cold outside that we hit a bump and a rock chip on the truck window turned into a crack along the bottom of the window. Yet coming home to the reflection of the twinkle lights made everything better.


The wood veneer 25 is from 2013 or 2014 (super old) and I slipped this transparency that I cut down to 3x4 into the pocket with it to just make this side of the pocket feel completed since I was leaving the wood veneer raw.


Day 25 starts with the ridiculously cold weather and a story about picking up Jon's Aunt on our way back out to the farm. Then we move on to the mess that is large presents for everyone that don't fit under the tree.


I love how the wood veneer and the transparency look from this side. That transparency is hands down one of my favourites.


Then I journal a small gratitude list that covers a lot of the things that were going on at the Wong house on Christmas Day. I included a photo of breakfast (bananas and caramel on waffles), and a photo of most of us crowded around the table working on Lego. I added another of the tags with the same ribbon as the other two.


#2 on this list was because Jon had bananas and caramel and I simply put maple syrup on mine. There was teasing about this, but I stood my ground. I love gratitude lists because they remind us that we're really blessed to have what we have and shouldn't take any of it for granted. 


I will probably always tease Jon about this photo of him getting ready to shove his hand into the turkey. I love it though. I love that it captures his sense of humor and that he's usually the one to stuff and take care of the turkey when we have dinner at his parents' house. On the right I added some photos from the adventure that was building Star Wars Lego sets with the nephews. They were pretty excited.


On the back of the tag - where I put the photo of Jon - I added a wood veneer 25 and some phrase strips. 


I added another Lego photo and a photo of the fort they built. It was so much cooler than anything we had as kids. I usually try and include a photo of Jon's turkeys in any projects I'm doing, and this is no exception. He loves making the turkey. This one got a little bit too crispy on some parts because for some reason it wasn't cooking as fast as it should have been, and had to stay in a little longer. But it was still freaking delicious.


To finish off Day 25, I wanted to print out a 6x8 photo of everyone gathered around the table, but I don't have it yet. Jon's dad took it with his DSLR and hasn't had a chance to e-mail it to me yet, but I'm saving it's place anyways. This might stay like this until I forget what was supposed to go here, but that's okay.

On the right I wrote about a day of Lego building and included photos of the two BIG sets we helped the boys build.

Thanks so much for coming to check out my December Daily album. Please feel free to leave a link to your project in the comments. I'd love to check it out, whether it's a blog post, some videos, or just photos in a gallery.