December Daily 2017 | Days 14-21


This cover will possibly forever be my favourite until the end of time. I'm so so so glad that I did it. I love it's messy little flaws and crooked lines and I absolutely want to stitch it onto a traditional layout - that's how much I love it.

You can read more of my ramblings about the cover in PART 1 and a little more in PART 2


The two previous posts covering days 1-13 can be found at the links I shared above this photo. Today I'm starting with Day 14. It took me almost half the month to get the first gift wrapped.

When we were in the city earlier in December we found this really great wrapping paper. The roll had EASILY 300% more paper than any other roll I've ever seen. I was able to wrap every single gift that needed wrapping paper and still have enough leftover to get through next year. It made me happy to see it under the tree with THESE REALLY GREAT TAGS that I found on Pinterest.

I trimmed a piece of wrapping paper to 6x8 and adhered it to a piece of cardstock before adding the tag and slipping it into the pocket.


Day 15 was a short story about how LITTLE snow we have. Which is freaking ridiculous for where we live. In Alberta. Which, if you don't know, is in Canada. It was unseasonably warm for most of December and what snow we did have mostly melted by this point. It did snow again later in the month and we had a mostly white Christmas, but it also got ridiculously cold towards the end of the month.

Day 16 was all about Gracie. She gets super cuddly in the winter, and yet still holds the firm belief that the couch belongs to her. When both Jon and I are at home for a full day, most of it is spent at our desks working on our respective hobbies and Gracie curls up on the couch and looks adorable, always. I used a card from the 2015 kit and some giant letter stickers from my stash to write cozy and journaled under it.


Day 17 I printed out a digital 4x6 card from the For the Love Story Kit (learn about Story Kits and Stories by the Month) and used a variety of stamps to make a list of things I love about this season/photo/day. I added an older "December routines" card to journal about the mundane details of our life right now.

Day 18 is supposed to be an interactive advent calendar, which I scrap-lifted from the always lovely Brandi Kincaid - you can check out hers HERE and catch a video walk-through HERE.


I stapled the cork heart to the red heart, hand wrote "kitty cuddles" and stamped all the rest of the list. I love this card and will most definitely be using it over and over again. So many ideas to use this card like 60 times.


I just took a photo of my advent calendar and cropped it square-ish in Photoshop and I printed it out on Matte photo paper. I cut it in half down the middle and adhered the left side directly to the cardstock backer and made the right page flip up so I have space to include the notes about how each of us feels about each tea. It's a work in progress and I'm hoping that this piece is finished before this post goes up, if not I'll try to remember to post a little update with the finished product.


Day 19 is all about my two favourites being weird but also adorable. I cropped the left photo to the size of the advent calendar on the other side, and thanks to a poll on Instagram all of my full pages outside of the pocket have been printed on Matte photo paper.


I stacked some phrase strips along the edge of the full page photo.


I stacked some more on the photo on the 4x6 photo on the opposite page.


I love these large chipboard numbers but I hate the bulk they add to my album so I take a knife to the back and peel off the majority of the layers to make t more flat. Which makes no sense if the chipboard heart right next to it doesn't have any layers removed, but you get the idea. I added a phrase strip across the heart and the number


Because we had a very not-busy-with-holiday-stuff December, Day 20 was about finally getting 99% of the gifts wrapped and under the tree. Jon still had to wrap all of my gifts, but I'd gotten through wrapping all the other gifts, so I snapped a photo and wrote a little bit about it.

Day 21 was all about packing up the holiday baking that needed to be delivered to a few people at the work Christmas party in a few days, and because Christmas was quickly approaching we had to get some ready for Jon's family. Luckily we chose something we wouldn't have to worry about going bad or stale before delivery.


I peeled the chipboard number to make it thinner and wrote my journaling on a heart with little stitch marks embossed around the edges. I added some gift die cuts from this Feed Your Craft set and adhered everything to a card with some text on it.


I don't often heat emboss anything, but I did a reasonable amount of embossing in my December Daily album. This circle was a wood veneer, but I didn't like how the raw wood looked against this pattern, and so I took some white embossing powder and embossed it before adding the number 21 puffy sticker from 2016.


The photo of the boxes was just printed as a 4x6 and I cut it in half down the middle and slipped it into the 3x4 pockets. I adhered this rubber holiday cheer banner outside of the pocket and went right across. I thought about putting it inside, but it wouldn't cut in half nicely, and it would have made the pockets too bulky because it would have been right on the center line, so I left it whole and hopefully it stays attached. I might go back and add a staple or two just to make sure it doesn't fall off.

Thank you so much for coming by to see my December Daily album. In an effort to get this project shared before spring is upon us, I'll be sharing the final two parts of this album on Monday and Tuesday. I hope you all have a great weekend. Feel free to leave links to your December Daily projects in the comments. I'd love to see them!