One Little Word 2018 | Mend


For the third year, I'm taking part in Ali Edwards' One Little Word Workshop. You can find more details about the workshop on Ali's site - here

Around July this year I thought I knew what my word for 2018 will be. I was pretty convinced that it would be whole. I made a Pinterest board, and then just left it there, and tried to refocus on my 2017 word for the last few months.

Custom Heart Pocket Talisman photo by Liz Lamoreux - click the photo to view it in her shop

Custom Heart Pocket Talisman photo by Liz Lamoreux - click the photo to view it in her shop

Then in November, Liz Lamoreux of Soul Mantras  shared a photo and some thoughts on the word Mend. It was her 2017 word and her words about it really spoke to me. I put mend on my list, not really thinking that it would become my 2018 word. 

Then in mid-December, mend started to whisper to me. It was really soft and the more I ignored it, the more it kept coming back to me. I kept going back to this post by Liz and the more I read the words here, the more they sunk in. I kept testing out how the word mend sounded and while I couldn't come up with any sort of mantra for it like my previous words, it wouldn't go away.  Yet I didn't believe that it would be my word.  

Finally I caved and looked up the definition of mend.

1. to make whole, sound or useable by repairing
3. to set right; to make better; improve
5. to grow back together
*the rest of the definition*

Something in my brain just clicked and the more I thought about what it meant to mend, the more I started to think about how much my goals for 2018 were completely wrapped up in everything that mend wanted to give me. I realized that I couldn't CHOOSE the word, the word had to CHOOSE me.

The only struggle I've been having with this word, is trying to create concrete goals related to mend. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that for me, this year, this word will come along with companion words. Words like heal/health, nourish, and whole. I'm excited to see where this year takes me, and I just hope that it's not as stressful as last year.