2017 | Week 41


I wouldn't go so far as to say this spread is my favourite from the year, but there are a lot of parts of it that I just love. 


Here's the left side. We finally got some snow. Which feels weird to say when this week was only mid October, but it felt like we'd been waiting a while for it. It was mostly slushy, but it still counts. 


I have these awesome chipboard circles from a past Story Kit by Ali Edwards. I've been hoarding them for forever. They're all past/present based and I can't remember the specific kit they were part of, but I loved that I finally had a use for this one. I cut it along the center line and stuck it on each of the photos. I love how it turned out.


That top left photo might possibly be my favourite. Gracie curled up beside me, and I covered her with the edge of my blanket and she snuggled closer. It was literally the cutest part of this week. I did a lot of embellishing this week, and it was so great to mix it up from just slipping cards into pockets and writing on them.


Love see-through bits, circles, hearts and stars.
Love quotes that are printed imperfectly, but you embrace it because the quote itself says "fuck this shit".
Love chipboard, stitching and simple patterns.


Thank you so much for coming by to see this spread. The thing I love about this project is that you're not forced to do the same thing EVERY single week. You can switch it up and some can be super simple, and others can be creative and embellished and take a lot of time to put together.