Week in the Life 2017 | Sunday


Finally, the last day of my Week in the Life album. It felt like we'd never get here. At the bottom of this post you'll find links to all the other days.


For today, I followed the formula from Saturday, I just put my half 3x4 page in front of the 3x8 page.


I like including a photo of my nightstand in this project. It's not something that I think I'd ever include in any other project, but it fits here. It doesn't usually change much, but it's nice to include sometimes.


Another cute photo of Gracie. Seriously though, I love the day of the week over the 4x6 photos. I hope Ali does something similar in the next kit.


Ending the day with a photo of something we only do on Sundays (sometimes Monday if it's a holiday), and an adorable photo of Jon and Gracie. On my journal prompt card I included text, photos and a die cut.


I finished off my album with a phrase strip, a washi strip a giant photo, and a flair from THIS SET by Feed Your Craft.

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