Week in the Life 2017 | Saturday


Sharing Saturday of my Week in the Life album today. I love this project so much. My week's don't always look the same, and it's so awesome to compare them from different years. I'm sure in 20 years it'll be fun to look back and see how different our lives are compared to right now.


Saturday follows Tuesday & Thursday's formula, but is also the same as Sunday. By this time, I was taking less photos, so I made it work for me.


Another photo of Gracie, of course. I still love the wood veneer days of the week. I love the way you can see the next 3 pages on the right side right now. I love having layers of different page sizes.


Because I took less photos on the last two days of the week, I cut the 3x4 pocket page in half and used one half here and the other half on Sunday. 


I put a quote on the back and wrote a bit about why I included it. For my journal prompt page I included words, a chocolate bar wrapper, photos and a cough drop wrapper. I forgot, until this moment looking at this page, that I'd begun fighting a cold towards the end of this week. It wasn't too terrible I don't think.

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