Week in the Life 2017 | Friday


Finally sharing Friday of my Week in the Life album.


Repeated my Monday & Wednesday formula. I love how my opening page for each day worked out. I love the wood veneer and the list of facts below it.


Another day of 3x8 journaling. I don't know why the rainbow 3x4 card doesn't have anything on it. Maybe I should go back and add one of the chipboard squares from the kit that I've been hoarding. 


At the bottom of each 3x8 journal page - on the back side - I added a little note of Gratitude and my favourite moment from the day. Still loving the day of the week over the photo.


Not everyday is great, and all the extra characters from an alpha set are great for pointing out it's not a good day. On my daily journal sheet I added words, photos, a rubber shape, a cork heart and a piece from my yogurt.

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