Week in the Life 2017 | Tuesday


Sharing another day of my 2017 Week in the Life Album.


TUESDAY; I swapped the first page out for the 4x6/3x4 page. I still put the plastic day overlay on the 4x6 photo. 


That photo of Gracie peeking under the door makes me laugh every single time. She's so cute. I repeated the same elements from Monday and did all my journaling on a 3x8 piece with the day at the top and the tab along the side.


Even though I switched up the position the page with the 4 3x4 pockets, I repeated the same formula from Monday. I put the morning/afternoon/evening journal card in a new spot and put the "hello Tuesday" circle on the opposite photo.


I finished the day off with another journal prompt page and added a chipboard piece along with my photos and writing. Tuesday is also the day I included all the selfies.

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