2017 | Week 22


Lately I've been trying to use some of the stamps and miscellaneous embellishments from various kits that have been accumulating around my craftroom. I've also noticed that I go through more 3x4 cards than 4x6, so I've had to dig a little deeper into my stash to find additional 3x4 cards, or some 4x6s that I could cut in half.


The left side contains an old card from Studio Calico, and some cards from the Becky Higgins Aqua core kit. The little home rubber circle is from this years week in the life kit.


The right side is my favourite. I've become less type A about my memory keeping, and I'm open to trying different things, like adding some random chipboard bits, or putting photos onto a digital version of a card, typing out the story and printing the whole thing out and slipping it into a pocket.


This card is from the Fun Digital Story Kit (no longer available, but watch Ali Edwards' site for past story kit sales). I opened it in Photoshop and using some skills I learned from Ali's Hybrid workshop, I added the photos where the card said "photo" and typed my story along the side and printed it out. So much easier than fighting with the physical card to fit my photos or write my story by hand and hope I could write small enough to make it fit.