2017 | Week 20


I always have good intentions of staying on top of my spreads and sharing them in a reasonable time frame, but after the first 3 months and the excitement of the year wears off, it's harder to get to them. My creative mojo ebbs and flows and sometimes I make 10 projects in a single week and sometimes I go 2 weeks without making anything.


Here's the left side of week 20. I didn't have enough photos to fill all the pockets, so I included a card from this set by Ali Edwards. She had them in physical form at the start of the year with gold foil, but I opted for the digitals so I can print them when I want. I love the simple black and white.


I have so many little chipboard pieces that I pulled some orange and green stars to fill a bit of empty space next to the date.


I dug out a really old Kellie Stamp and added an ampersand to this card from a past Story Kit because I love AND hate surprises. This was a mixture of both, so it worked perfectly.


Simple. A few embellishments from the 2017 digital kits Ali's releasing this year (check them out here). 


I'm being OPEN (my one little word this year) to including typed stories when it's too long for the journal card. I have this one in physical form in my stash, but I knew I'd never fit everything if I hand wrote it. I opened the digital file, added the photo, typed the story and printed the whole thing together on photo paper. 


I also love writing around shapes. Seriously love how it looks. I also love including bits from Jon, and he got up before me and set up the coffee so I just had to turn it on. So sweet of him, and of course I had to keep his post-it note. The speech bubble just floats in the pocket so I can see through it and I love including little bits like that.


I trimmed a journal card and then journaled around it. Love the white on the green, and the full plant photo.