2017 | Week 19


For some reason, I've been struggling a bit with getting Project Life spreads done. It's not that I don't have enough cards to fill the pockets, it's often that I can't seem to find the right cards to fill the pockets and tell the stories. Almost like I'm making it more complicated than it needs to be, but I'm trying and they're done. So the next few weeks will be very Project Life heavy, but that's okay because no two weeks look exactly the same.

This week I included an insert with the Mother's Day poster I made for work to advertise the specials and the giveaway work was hosting. As the only creative person there, I'm quite often in charge of designing and printing these pages.


Here's the full spread without the insert. Forever love the mega date stamp (pick it up here). I'm trying not to hoard my supplies anymore and try to tell stories that allow me to use them, or at least dig through everything until I find the pieces that fit with my story.


Here's the left side and I LOVE all the yellow. It's just bright and fun and the weather was finally starting to get nice this week, so it fits well. I've recently started including more list-style journaling in my spreads to get more of the little details that don't need an entire journal card. It just feels like a more complete way to tell the stories.


This chipboard piece came from the 2017 Week in the Life kit by Ali Edwards. I need to photograph my album, but you can pick up the kit with the grey stripe album here.


I've also become obsessed with journaling around chipboard shapes. 


Here's the right side, and of course I continued the yellow, and carried a bit of the blue over. I'm not a mom, but I still wanted to tell the story of the ridiculously long day I had on Mother's Day, so I trimmed that yellow card down from 4x6 to 3x4 to fit the pocket and wrote about basically working a double shift because Jon was sick. You can get that card as part of the May digital kit from Ali Edwards here.

Sometimes when I don't have enough photos, I include ones I put into my story on Instagram, or Snapchats. I love that they usually already have the story on them and I can save space on journaling by including them. I added some labels to the bottom two photos and wrote the short stories on them.