2017 | Week 17


I've been trying to catch up on Project Life. I think I'm back to being a couple weeks behind, but I still love the process of doing it in batches. Printing the photos for two or three weeks at a time. Then selecting the cards and rearranging things. Sometimes an entire week is determined by one card that I really want to use, and others it's the photos that suggest colours to me. This week features a drawing that my nephew gave me while I was babysitting him during the week.


Here's the full spread without the artwork. The right page is JUST photos from Thursday. I generally don't take many towards the end of the week, but it's something I'm working on. For this spread I used cards from the Bond Story Kit (no longer available) a past Week in the Life kit (like 2 years ago I think) and some digital cards from Ali Edwards' March and April digital kits


The left side contains the few photos I took at the start of the week. I added a label to the bonding time card for the dates, and cut the "time with friends" box off a card from one of Ali's many kits. I thought about using foam dots to stick it down, but decided to leave it flat since the other side of the page has a bunch of flair badges.

There's a little story that goes with the piece of artwork. I had a couple of bags with me when I went to my brother's house to watch my nephew for the day, and I set them beside the table. He's almost 3 so he looks at me "What's that?" I wasn't quite sure how to respond so I said "That's my Auntie stuff". He seemed satisfied by my answer. We coloured the picture and eventually moved on to other pictures. I never asked him where this one went, but after I put him down for his nap, I went to get my book from my bag and found this with one rolled up corner sitting on top of my "Auntie Stuff". I asked him about it later and he just said "for you".


The right side is all about hanging out with my nephew and their dog Joey, and then my niece when she got out of school. We spent the morning watching movies, colouring and racing little cars across the floor. Joey of course hung out with us for all of it. when my niece got home from school, wecoloured and raced more cars. All in all a good day/week.