2017 | Week 15


"Auntie, this is for you."
"Thank you, but it doesn't say Auntie Alex, it just says Alex"
"Okay, bye"


Here's the left side with the insert. I love that Tori doesn't need my help to spell certain things anymore because she writes them so often. I love that her writing is messy and completely hers. I love that she tries to draw new things. I think this was a dog.


On the back I included one of my nephew's drawings. Does anyone remember being a kid and using those Crayola Stamp markers? My mom still has a bunch and some of them actually work. They're one of his favourites and even though he pushes too hard, he loves the magic of markers. I also love that his drawings are starting to look like very abstract people, and he's been experimenting with shapes.


Here's the full spread, no insert. I kept things a little more simple this week. Lots of words and a couple of embellishments. Forever love Ali Edwards' products for getting my stories told.


Imperfect photos are better than no photos right? Right? I only say this because sometimes the moment to get the perfect photo doesn't last long enough, or you simply don't want a posed photo, like the shadow photo on the top right.

I added a super old phrase strip to the bottom of the quote card on the left side, wrote my words and called it done.


I added a flair from The Crafty Pocket (available here) to the photo of my new books. I've read all four of them at this point, and they were so good.

We had a little "picnic" at Nana's house while watching a movie, so I snapped a photo. I'm totally fine with their faces being cut off there, I have plenty where they aren't and it was more about them sharing than about getting their mouths full of food.

I used a card from the Stuff Story Kit to write a short list of things I loved when I was a kid and related it to this spread as much as I could.