Week in the Life 2017 | Permission & Thoughts

I was over on Brandi Kincaid's blog yesterday because she was offering her 2017 title page as a freebie and I wanted to take a look (and download it of course). In the post she shared links to her past albums, and I browsed her 2016 album.

I loved that she told a complete story of her week without a lot of words. She didn't include every single little detail, and she didn't take a photo of literally every moment of her week. Yes she wrote daily letters to herself at some point every day that often covered the remaining details, but it was as if seeing her story for a particular photo summed up in 3 words was permission to not tell every single detail.

I grabbed a pen and a scrap of paper and wrote "You don't need permission, but if you want to tell the story in 3 words, tell the story in 3 words" and taped it inside my album. I struggle with trying not to include everything when I do projects like this that encourage me to go a little further with my documenting. 

Week in the Life starts tomorrow (I'm writing this Sunday Morning) and I'm excited, though I know that like everyone, by Friday I'll be taking less photos and by Sunday night I'll be grateful that it's over. I'll probably take too many photos some days and not enough on others. I've decided that a minimum of 10 captured moments is my goal for each day. 

I know a lot of people without kids wonder what they could possibly capture during week in the life and my response is "the routine of your everyday". It's true. A lot of my days look extremely similar with minor differences. Maybe I did my hair a little different, or I'm wearing a new shirt, or I had an interaction with a stranger that wasn't the same as any other. It's the routines that I want to remember. In a few years my everyday will (hopefully) look significantly different. When we have kids, I don't imagine my days will have the same routine that they do now. I want to document exactly what life is like now. Just the two of us and a cat. No kids. Not married. Living in this little house. Waiting for spring to finally arrive. 

I almost which I'd documented a week in February when life was a little crazy (mostly work wise) and compare it to now. To compare that craziness to the calm our lives have at this moment. The things we say to each other have changed from the first year I did this to now, the way our home looks has changed. It may seem like everything is always the same, but it's not. There are differences if you just look a little harder. They're waiting for you to notice them, and to document them.