2017 | Week 10


A combination of Studio Calico and Ali Edwards cards this week. A couple from her Bond Story Kit (no longer available). Still loving the mega date stamp, still using my stash, and still imperfectly telling my story in all of it's imperfectness.


Here's a look at the left side. Gracie found a ball that was left somewhere in the house after we re-homed our other cat, and she's loved playing with it. Her being playful brings us so much joy. My niece caught in action telling a story, or just being weird, I'm not quite sure. We laughed a little at it (she laughed too) and I told her that this photo would come out at her wedding.


My nephew growling because my sister said "say cheese". He covered the dog with his blankie and asked for a photo with her. We bought a new couch and area rug for the basement. Trying to create another space for us to hang out. We got together with my siblings and played some boardgames and drank, and laughed. So much fun. I also included some work stuff this week, which I don't usually because my view doesn't ever really change.