2017 | Week 08


I love that I'm not including the week numbers in my album this year, but it also makes it confusing when you're trying to remember which week you're sharing. Thankfully post-it notes come to the rescue almost every time. This is week 08 (assuming my note was correct).


The "busy being happy" card is an old Dear Lizzy and the rest are past Ali Edwards kits. I love that her Story Kits allow you to tell a wider variety of stories, like how a neighborhood cat surprised me by climbing onto the railing of our deck and watching me through the window.


I don't always include 3x4 photos, mostly because I hate doing the work of collaging them together to print, but I like using them because it's one less 3x4 card I have to find. My favourite part of this entire spread is seeing the bookwall growing, and my niece and nephew of course.

A couple notes about the bookwall; I've talked about it a few times, but I'll cover everything here again. The book wall is ONLY hardcover books, and only stand alone books (no trilogy/series/etc) and I'm trying to keep it balanced. Currently my goal is to try and build it up around the ampersand, but I'm cautious of the taller the stack the more unstable it becomes, so if I only make it halfway up the glass, I'll be okay with that. Our house literally says "we love books" right when you come in the front door, and I love that.