The Goodman's | Engagement Part 02


Today I'm sharing Part 02, but Part 01 is HERE. My brother and his wife asked me to make them an album with their wedding photos. Being as awesome as I am, I decided to make them an album with their engagement/family photos while I uploaded their wedding photos to Persnickety Prints. I dug out this old 8x8 album that I had in the closet, and sat down with basically no plan, but somehow everything came together perfectly.

I'm using the digital files Wilna created for her Mini Class 6 or Lesson 6 of Artventure.


I recommend that you go read Part 01 for an overview of what my goal was with this and to see where I left off. I was telling their story (sort of) and we'd left off with my niece. Perhaps I'm biased, but she's a beautiful young lady and I'm definitely her favourite Auntie.


I used some phrase stickers from Tim Holtz to leave a bit of encouragement on this page for her, and added some extra little bits to make Wilna's flourish feel fuller, and also because I have no idea where I would have used that swan sticker otherwise.


Then they had my nephew. He has such a hilarious personality and he loves to be silly. He makes ridiculous faces, says adorable things, and is usually up to snuggle with his favourite Auntie. He loves movies, blocks, lego, Thomas the Train, and making people laugh. Some of his laughs are hilariously creative, but when we laugh he laughs even harder and I love that about him.


I don't have a lot of boy-is things, and I wanted to keep using Wilna's flourishes, so I added some boy-ish pieces from my stash to play down the girly flourish. But I love that sentiment because his smile melts my heart. He knows that Auntie Alex can't stay mad at him, and I'm usually the one he tries to get sympathy from when mom and dad get mad at him.


I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about purple, so I mixed it with some grey to keep it from being TOO purple-y and making this page feel super girly. 


I added some darker boy-ish stickers to tone down the girly elements again. I love that little bear sticker, and the deer. The camera was simply because it's darker, but I feel like they work together to make the page focus less on the pink parts.


This might be my favourite page. Or maybe it's just the photos I love so much. These kids are ADORABLE. Sometimes they're a pain in the butt, but I love them nonetheless. I also love those circle frames from Wilna. 


I added little girl and boy head stickers (possibly creepy) and some clear stickers from a super old Amy Tangerine set.


So now that they're a family of four, we can go back to photos of all of  them. I love that I didn't have to worry about keeping it from being too girly now. Let's be honest this album was for them, but my Sister in-law was the most excited about it.

The cheesiest sentiments. But they're an adorable little family so it's okay. 

They were a family of four now, but their relationship with each other was still just as important as before they had kids.

As someone who literally despises Valentine's Day, I love that Wilna's products never mention it. Love is something you can document every day of the year, and her products that focus on love are perfect. So is that sticker from an old Amy Tangerine sticker sheet.


Finally, they got engaged. A dog, two kids, two homes, and 9 years later they were finally getting married. To say our family was excited would be a lie. I was ecstatic because it meant I didn't have to worry about getting married for at least another year. We were also pretty excited to get dressed up and celebrate the life these two were creating together.


Sometimes I just want to floral part of the flourish, or the flourish is too long for the space I want to use it and so I cut it down and tuck it behind a photo. In this instance it was both of those things. I felt that keeping the owl on this flourish would compete with the one o the frame, so I cut it off.


The sentiments Wilna painted on these flourishes were just the right amount of cheesy for this album. I had originally considered leaving out photos of the ring, except the front cover. But when I decided that I was telling a story without any journaling, I knew I had to include a couple of ring photos to tell a complete story. 


Just a couple little phrase stickers to finish off this page.


I thought I had more photos in this post, but this is it for now. There's one more part of this album that I'll be sharing on Wednesday. Thanks for coming by to see these pages. I had so much fun making this album and I love being able to use the products I've been hoarding.