The Goodman's | Engagement Part 01


Yesterday on Instagram I wrote about how poor our internet at home has been, but I was trying really hard to get some of the photos from this album edited and into a post for today. I think I made it. Much later than I'd wanted to, but we're still struggling with our home internet, so I loaded all the photos onto a flash drive and brought them to work with me.

I didn't realize just how many photos of the album I'd actually taken (I ended up with 75 edited photos) and knew immediately that this would have to be broken into chunks. I've opted to leave out some of the photos, maybe I'll compile all of them into one post that shows the whole album all together, but I haven't decided yet.

Today I'll share part one, but I'm not exactly sure how I want to break this up. I'd considered sharing one or two of the two-page spreads in the album at a time, and a small slide show with the last post where you could see them all together. I'm still debating how small to break this into, but regardless, here's Part 01.


Alright, prepare yourselves for a bit of pre-project rambling (more than what was above this photo. Sorry). A couple of weeks ago, shortly after they (FINALLY!) got the USB with their wedding photos on it, they'd mentioned that they wanted me to create an album with those photos. They gave me complete creative freedom to do whatever I wanted with them, and they would pay whatever I decided was fair. I agreed because let's be honest, I could use some nice photos to scrapbook with.

Then I had this brainwave idea to tell a story with their photos, and therefore include the engagement/family photos they'd had done before the wedding. I had these two little 8x8 albums from forever ago that I wasn't using, so I took one, and decided that I was going to put the engagement photos in there while I tried to upload the 800+ wedding photos they had to my favourite photo printers (Persnickety Prints of course).

Long story short, I got so into doing this project that I basically stopped doing everything else (including uploading the photos) and just worked on telling their story through photos. This quote was stuck in my head and I knew I had to stitch it out and include it in this album. I was't exactly sure how it was going to work, but I consulted with Jon on colours, and we agreed that the flourishes, frames and words from Wilna Furstenberg's Mini Class 6: Love You (or lesson 6 of Artventure) were the perfect match.

In the end this page became the first page you see when you open the album. I painted it a coral colour and stitched it in white (that quickly became less white and more light coral) and after I'd photographed the album I decided that it needed to be mounted on black paper like the rest of the pages, and I added a little label with the date.


From there I worked a little all over the place, and it wasn't until I was done about 1/4 of the pages that I decided the best way to put the album together was to sort of give an overview of how their lives unfolded without adding in any pictures outside of this photoshoot they'd done.

I picked two photos to print at 8x8, one for the front-ish and one for the very last page. I think it ties everything together beautifully. The first full photo is this one with a label. 


I added this label and a stamp to tie it to the page next to it. I love that it allows the photo to stand out on it's own, but makes it feel complete.


I opted to hand paint a different watercolour background for every single page, one at a time. The paper buckled (a lot) but I mounted it on black paper and some turned out okay. Wilna's flourishes were often the only thing the layout needed to finish it off, but sometimes I'd add a sticker (or 6).


Each set of pages that face each other have similar coloured backgrounds, and I love that I was able to arrange the photos in a way that made it workout that way, while still telling their story.


In Wilna's collection there's also frames. Sometimes I struggle to use them and sometimes I have to print and cut extras because I love them so much. This album is an example of cutting extras. I used three of her frames here, and one chipboard frame that's not really a frame. It's that weird piece they put between two frames on a large sheet of chipboard, but I loved the pink and the black and white together, and it fit perfectly around the love you's.


The love you card is from the February digital kit by Ali Edwards. I just printed it as a 3x4 card and cut it down to fit into the frame and adhered it with foam squares inside the frame. Then I added some little chipboard hearts on two of the o's and called it done.


On some of the pages I added in cheesy 3x4 cards that I found in my stash. Normally I'd be reluctant to use them on something that I was giving to someone else, but I'm trying to just let them go. There will never be the "perfect" project to use them on, and there will always be newer better products to use on future projects.


Sometimes I amaze myself with my ability to pull ideas out of thin air. Not a single layout in this spread was created using a sketch on Pinterest (though I'd thought about it). I would lay things out, move them around, add or take away pieces, and just work on it until I was happy with how it looked. These circle frames from Wilna are possibly my favourite piece from this whole collection, and the quotes that she painted are to die for.


I added a journal card from my stash, and used the words to cover the sentiment that had been stitched onto it, and added a phrase sticker that I'd cut up below it. 


In the early stages of this album I was keeping things pretty simple. The later pages have more stickers because I was allowing myself to let go of the things I've had in my stash for 2 years that I wasn't using because it wasn't the "right time".


There will never be a more perfect project than this to use up some of those stickers. I have so many that it wasn't hard to find some that went perfectly with these flourishes Wilna created.


Alright, so this photo, to me, tells of the two of them going off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Just the two of them. But this was really just the end of one chapter before their family grew into a family of three and started a new chapter.


These phrase stickers are the perfect "journaling" to end one chapter and begin another. I loved that I was able to arrange these photos in a way that told an overview of their little family going from two to four before they got married.


Tori is the oldest and so her photos come first. This kid was the first one to decide that I was the favourite because I would play with her. We'd make crafts, watch cartoons, go to the park. She still asks "Can I go see Auntie Alex?".


These pictures were taken in September of last year, and I can't believe how much she's changed already. She turned 6, cut her hair shorter and has learned to read and write more. She still loves making crafts and watching movies, and I hope I'll always be her favourite.


That's it for this first part. I'll be back on Friday with Part 02. Hopefully our internet gets itself sorted out so I can work from home, or I'll try and get ahead today so I don't have to worry about it right away.