2017 | Week 07

Week 07 is full of love, but if you saw last week, then you'll know we had recently re-homed one of our cats, and so this week had a little bit of that in it. At the time of writing this it's been 6 weeks since he was given to his new home and the family ADORES him, and I think he's happy. It's hard to tell because he has always had resting bitch face, but they say they're happy.

The left side includes another card from Brandi Kincaid that I think was a freebie from somewhere, or part of a Feed Your Craft Kit (I don't remember, but you can check out Brandi's shop here). I found this weird little weather stamp in my stash (from Studio Calico I think) and so I stamped out a few little journal cards for those days when I want to include the weather, and it went perfectly here. Tori and I worked on a Valentine's Day project for her parents, and she drew me that house on the insert. I edited a card from (this digital kit) to create the "love wins" 3x4.

The back of the insert is just the list of things we wrote out for her mini book, a pattern card from the February Digital kit Ali Edwards made, and a card from my stash. The right side includes photos of the clay heart garland we made and the "10 things I love about you" mini book we made. I finally stopped hoarding one of the Feed Your Craft kits I bought in December I think. And of course I had to write about finding a heart in my kiwi. And as always, Brandi's doodle's are always inspiring me to keep going.