2017 | Week 04


I've been going through Ali Edwards' Storytelling with Project Life class (available here), and one thing that really stuck with me was her love of repetition. I took what I learned there and translated it into this spread prompted by this card set she made. I cut the 4x6 around here card down to 3x4, and included a 4x6 card from this other set for my title.


All of my journaling this week began with "around here" I used this green ink pad and this green ink pad, both from Ali Edwards (my new favourite inks, seriously). I added a little chipboard piece to the picture of the cups and a 6x12 insert to hold the drawing my niece gave to me at my sisters birthday dinner.


I considered putting something on the back of the artwork, or attaching it to a pattern paper, but opted to just leave it exposed. I wrote the date and where we were when she gave it to me. 


Here's the right side. Kitty photos for the win! My niece and I made two clay heart banners, one for her parents and one for my mom. We did it over the course of two days, I noticed while going through my photos that I snapped a photo of the frosty trees in about the same place in the day light and after the sun went down, so I included them side by side and wrote a bit about the frosty trees looking good in the light and the dark. My sister's boyfriend came down this weekend for her birthday, and we played some Dungeons and Dragons, so of course I included a photo of that.

That's it for week 04. I often think about changing to monthly, or stopping entirely, but trying new things each week keeps me excited about this project.