2017 | Week 03


Here's week 03. I will probably rave about that mega date stamp for the rest of this year, but I literally just love it. It's easily my new favourite tool. This week I added in some cards from additional sets Ali Edwards has available in her shop this set and this set.


Here's the left side. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was AMAZING. I still haven't seen the movie, but I really want to! This week started on a tough note, so I stamped my own 3x4 card with "ugh" and "#struggle". I found that gold cheers puffy sticker in my stash and added it across the journal card and photo to tie them together. Another back yard photo, and one of the hilarious faces my nephew likes to make.


I placed the sticker on the photo first, and cut along the edge then lined it up with the journal card to stick the pieces to the journal card. It doesn't line up perfectly, but it's good enough given that they're in a pocket page so you can't tell that they're not perfect.


Here's the right side. We're rather obsessed with this game called "Takenoko" (check it out here) and we play it all the time. We're considering buying a second set so we can play with more than just 4 players. My favourite part of winter is the snow. The frosty trees, the way it looks contrasted against the blue sky and the way it falls softly and the world seems to much quieter when it's snowing. So much magic this week.

That's a wrap on week 03. I'll be back Monday to share week 04.