2017 | Week 36


Ok so, I needed to have this photo at the top of the post because it literally cracks me up every time I see it. 


Here's a look at week 36. This week is basically about Gracie laying in various spots, and me reading in different spots, and also some stickers I made using a couple of digital kits.


The left side is basically two funny stories. Gracie for whatever reason wouldn't lay in her kitty bed and Jon battling for his life against a fly. The book I was reading was Beartown by Fredrik Backman. It was SOOO good, even if you absolutely hate hockey.


That morning sunlight. Gracie laying ON the pillow, and my blanket. Gracie curled up on the bed beside me, always. She likes to lay on the edge so she can hear what's happening in the rest of the house, and see out the door. The ampersand is just floating in the pocket with nothing behind it. I just left the back side white and didn't stick anything else in the pocket. I also made some stickers using two of the fall kits from The Crafty Pocket and my silhouette. I love being able to use digital products in different ways and make them work for me.