2017 | Week 35


I love basically everything Ali Edwards makes. Her goal is to help us tell more intentional stories, and capture the messy reality that is life and this week I did exactly that.

**The photo of the dumpster fire is not something she made, it's from google, but all the cards I used this week, and all except 2 embellishments are from various kits/shop releases


The left side contains the photo of the dumpster fire. It legitimately sums up my work life for basically this entire year, and it was on my phone because I sent it to a former coworker who was asking how things have been. I've been trying to include more photos of myself - which sometimes mean selfies that are missing half your face, have a double chin, yet somehow your hair looks nice, and you were wearing your favourite shirt, so you keep it.


On the right side, I literally made a point of eating pizza one day so I could finally use that pizza rubber shape from the Eat Story Kit (you can get the digital version HERE for the next two weeks). I got to babysit my niece and nephew this week, and we played lego, watched movies, jumped on the trampoline (I made a layout about the trampoline HERE), and played with playdough.