2017 | Week 33 & 34


The summer is generally when I take less photos, so we have another spread covering two weeks. I actually had a few extra photos for the second week, and like 2 from the first week, but I managed to make it all work, though I'll probably go back and swap one Gracie photo with something from the right page.


I've been trying to use up my stash of Feed Your Craft cards. I tend to hoard them because I love the colours and they're almost too pretty to use. I also used some leftover Around Here cards that I stamped for a spread a while back. They're great for getting a bunch of little stories onto a single card in list form.


To keep it simple I basically repeated the same formula on this side as well. I like including photos I share via my Instagram Stories, because they generally have the story typed right on them and save me time and space. I sometimes include quotes too. I think I shared that one on Instagram, so I included it here because it summed up the week.