2017 | Week 30 & 31


Today I'm sharing a combined spread for Weeks 30 & 31. In the summer I find that I take significantly less photos. Things were so busy and crazy and routine that I'd get to the end of the week and go to print my photos and realize that I don't have enough for a full spread two weeks in a row, so I just combine them.


Here's the left side - week 30. We played some Super Dungeon Explorer (so fun). I included some details about the damage done by the windstorm from the previous week. It snapped a branch off our tree, but also got it stuck in the tree, so I used the "hold on my friend" card from this set of journal cards by Ali Edwards.


Here's the right side which covers Week 31 - but mostly just the long weekend and all the things that were going on then. I used more cards from the set linked above, and some extra bits from the Fun story kit. I also added in a quote card from Feed Your Craft.


I forsee printing out this card and using it many more times. I love that it covers all the levels of not fun to ridiculously fun. Even if you don't read the story, you an get a feel for the kid of story it will be. I also used it to make a flip pocket for a not fun story.


We tried to take the weekend off for Jon's family reunion, but the girl who was supposed to work couldn't come in two days in a row so I ended up missing 90% of the reunion to go to work. I included some Snapchats to add to the story. 

I know there are little 3x4 flip pocket things you can get (I ordered some a couple weeks ago) but since I didn't have any for the longest time, I quite often would just use washitape to hold the pieces to make the flip pocket.