#OperationReadMore | 2016 Books


Today, I'm excited to share the layout I made to document the books I read in 2016. Originally I had considered doing a mini album, but then I decided I want to to do a paper embroidery project because we were watching a lot of Netflix and I felt like I should be doing something while we watched. It eventually turned into this two page layout.

First up is this page with all of the books I read. Looking at this makes me so happy. When I originally started tracking my reading, I was going for 50 books. In 2014 I read 50, in 2015 I read 72 and in 2016 I read 68.


I printed the photos out at roughly 1" x 2" and added in a little quote to fill in the last two spaces.


I know this photo has serious glare, but in each row I popped up 1-2 books that I really enjoyed while trying to keep everything in order and balanced. I also popped up the quote.


I cut up a 3x4 card and stuck it on a scrap of pattern paper and added a chipboard piece from the Read Story Kit (no longer available). This is literally how I feel about reading, and I love that I was able to combine the two things I love into one project - books and scrapbooking.

I hand stitched this speech bubble from the read digital stamp set (available here) and added a journal card from the kit.

I debated painting between the stitched lines with watercolours to fill in the letters a little bit, but I like how it looks with the gaps. Maybe I'll stitch it again and try different things. I would also flip the speech bubble so I can put it to the left of the page with the photos without it pointing away from the middle.

I put foam squares un the back of the speech bubble to pop it off the page. I used the "perforate" cut lines on the Silhouette instead of using a sketch pen to trace out the shape and then hand pierce all the holes. I had seen a tutorial about it a while back, and it was a life saver for this project. I will never hand pierce something this size ever again! 

On the journal card I wrote out the stats for this year which were easy to get thanks to Goodreads (you can follow me here) where I track my reading progress.

My book goals for 2017 include reading 100 books and working towards completing the "book wall". I buy all of my books (some are gifts) and I love being able to fill my shelves with stories, both mine and those of others. I don't do a lot of re-reading, but I figure I might as well create a great collection now as opposed to once I have kids and can't carve out hours of reading time everyday. 

And just for fun, here's a photo of the book wall I'm talking about. It's not a great photo, but you get the idea. On the other side of the lower section of this wall is some shelves where I keep my TBR books. This wall is being filled with ONLY hardcover books, no books that are part of a series (those go on another shelf entirely) and my plan is to build it up around the ampersand and theoretically to the ceiling (though that might be dangerous). We'll see how this goes. Thanks for coming by! Have a great day!