Project Life 2016 | Week 51


When I originally decided to do Project Life until the end of the year, I thought I would stress and repeat all the stories I was telling in December Daily, but I only repeated a few that were important or larger stories and absolutely worth telling in more than one place. This is week 51 and it was actually pretty busy, but like the title card says "amazing!" 


The left side is about my printer, Christmas baking, actually working hard at work, more snow and Gracie being cute as always. As soon as my printer arrived, I set it up and started catching up on projects I needed to get done (December Daily of course). 


The right side is all about going to visit my Grandma at the lodge, and enjoy some Birthday Bingo. It was so great to see her, and I definitely need to make visiting her more of a priority, but work seems to come first more often than not. I printed my brother and sister-in-law's thank you postcards and delivered those to them. Then on the weekend we gathered with my dads family for the first of our three Christmas celebrations. The reflect card flips up to reveal some hidden journaling and a little throwback photo that I didn't want to share here.

I love that I can tell as many or as few stories as I want using pocket pages. Sometimes the photos can speak for themselves, and other times it's journaling unrelated to a photo, or sometimes its a photo and journaling. But what I love most, is telling these stories.