Project Life 2016 | Week 49


Seriously winter, enough with the lack of sunshine. Today I'm sharing Week 49. This was a busy-ish week for us, but I managed to keep it to the two page spread and told all the stories I wanted to include. Like my printer breaking when I had projects that had deadlines.


I love love love that Ah Yeah! card from Ali Edwards because it completely captures how I feel about this entire week. I think the card might have been part of the Surprise Story Kit (no longer available) but I can't remember because when I get the kit, I just add it to all the other kits and often forget what pieces were from what kit, and by the time I use it, it's no longer available so I don't worry too much. 

Because this week is where Project Life started overlapping into December Daily, I told stories that weren't included in December Daily, or might have been mentioned. Like the photo of my nephew in tears when he found out he couldn't open his advent calendar and get all the trains at once and play with them. The top right photo is one of my favourites that my sister sent me and it also didn't make it into December Daily, so I included it here. 


On the right side I added more bits that weren't included in December Daily. The top left photo was included, or a similar one was included but cut into a circle. That blurry picture of the Calgary Tower wasn't included and neither were the other two from the weekend. I knew I wouldn't be able to take these photos and not include them somewhere, so Project Life became the placeholder for those stories.

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