Project Life 2016 | Week 48


This week is simple, but clearly one of my faves because this was the week the Gilmore Girls revival was released on Netflix, and I watched the whole thing in a single day. Totally worth it. I'm currently watching the older episodes again and I love them more every time I watch them.


The left side is all about no snow, frosty trees, my niece coming to visit at work, and the Gilmore girls revival. The Gilmore Girls photo on the right was the basis of the colours for this week. I love all the blue, even if the lighting was horrible and the colours are off. It looks much better in person.


The right side is all about creating bags for the little tree ornaments we'd made the week before (or maybe the one before that). It's about the cats and a layout I shared on the blog last week. It's always about using my stash (though I bought more supplies recently. Not that I needed them of course). And most important, it's about the stories.

One of my goals for this year is to create some sort of space with artificial lighting that I can use in the winter, or on cloudy days, or after dark, to get the same quality project photos that I get using natural light (when I catch it). Another goal is to work on my photography because let's be honest, it could use some improvement. I think it's important to have goals and to always try to learn something new.