Project Life 2016 | Week 47


Week 47 is all about making, and what I think was the first snow. Always using up my stash of Ali Edwards cards. Her story kits are my favourite and you can subscribe (here).  


The left side starts with some December Daily prep, the snowy trees, the first snow and I'm still wearing my flats because it'd be mostly warm before the snow. And lastly a surprise which allowed me to use a card from the Surprise Story Kit. I'd opened the drawer in the bathroom and discovered that someone hadn't put the lid on the Pepto Bismol properly and it leaked all of the inside of the drawer. It was definitely not how I wanted to start the day, but it cleaned up and looks like new so I'm happy about that.


The right side is basically all about hanging out with my niece and nephew. We started our Christmas craft and played the Cars fishing game, and after they left the cat jumped on the chair and started at me across the table. I used the numbered card to create a short list of what was happening.