Project Life 2016 | Week 43


I finally got around to finishing up my Project Life from 2016. These last few weeks aren't necessarily my favourite, but the stories are documented and that's all that matters. I also want to apologize for the weird quality of the photos. Winter in Canada means sometimes we go weeks without seeing the sun, and I always seem to miss that window when the light is in the exact right spot, even with clouds. Before next winter the plan is to set up a better lit space to photograph things at any time of day.


Here's the left side. I love the speech bubble just floating in the pocket. I cut a piece of paper to adhere onto the speech bubble and wrote "I am not afraid...I was born to do this" -Joan of Arc. The stories this week are mostly creative projects, and that quote just spoke to me.


Here's the right side. I never did get any further in that travelers notebook for the 30 Days of Home project. I like to keep it simple and just get it done. I moved my Story Kits to the top of my desk where I'll pick from them first. I love that some of the cards become sparks for stories I wouldn't have included otherwise.

You can subscribe to the latest Story Kit - Numbers - by Ali Edwards (here). I'm not affiliated with her business in anyway, I just love her products and everything she stands for.