Project Life 2016 | Week 31

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I debated not sharing anything today, but I've decided to share anyways. Today I'm sharing Week 31.

Here's the full spread. Trying to use more of my Ali Edwards Story Kits that keep piling up, and the Tough kit was perfect for this week.

Of course we were super into Pokemon Go at this point. It was still nice enough out that we could walk around town trying to catch them and hitting the three stops we have and of course enjoy some sunsets from the stop at the edge of town.

My giveaway box from Wilna arrived during this week, so obviously I had to document that. I hardly ever win things, so this was absolutely worth documenting. I summed up the tough part of this week with the little UGH speech bubble and the hard times card. No journaling about why it was hard because I'm sure we'll remember it always. Some selfies with my two favourite kids, a cat on our roof, and another sunset while Pokemon-ing.

A bunch of little stories that tell the larger story of our life right now. We're busy, but we still have and make time for other things (like Pokemon, sunsets, and those two kids that mean the world to me). 

Thank you for coming by today. If you're celebrating Thanksgiving today, I hope you have a great time with your family. If you're not I hope you have a nice day too.