December Daily 2016 | Days 1-5

Finally. *insert sigh of relief*
Today I'm excited to share the first 5 days of my December Daily. I worked on it throughout the month of December, but opted not to add photographing the finished pages to the pile of things I was doing in December. It took A LOT of stress off my shoulders and allowed me to enjoy the process immensely. I also found myself creating the pages for me, as opposed to thinking about what everyone else thinks while I'm working, and I'm pleased with the results.

First up, I want to talk about this super awesome thing I did. It's absolutely not perfect (it's crooked) and some of the quote smudged off and some of the paper is still stuck on the cover, but I tried it and it worked and I'm incredibly pleased with myself.

I did an image transfer from a combination of Youtube tutorials. I think it would have worked better if I'd used a laser printer for the sole reason that the contrast is better between the toner and the paper and the toner doesn't absorb into the paper like when you use an inkjet. But I love this quote and I love that it's right there at the front of the album.

Ali Edwards used this quote in her album for 2015 and created a printable that you can download (here). I used the 6x8 to do the image transfer. You can also read the complete quote there where she has it typed out, and possibly even reads it in her video at the bottom.

My title page is one that I wanted to use in my December Daily last year, but given that the binder I was using had minimal space to begin with, I tried to keep the pages on the flatter side, so I pulled it out this year and painted it black. I picked out some red, green, gold and wood pieces to fill each of the wonky circles and added a little stretched hexagon to the bottom right corner and stitched it down. I love the contrast of the black against the white and the other colours.

On the back of the chipboard piece I added some pattern paper and the acrylic word gather from one of the very first Story Kits from Ali Edwards (you can learn more and subscribe to her current kit here). I cut some tags and typed on each tag some of the things I wanted to gather this month and wrote a longer version of my reason why on the right on the front of a die cut page I also included in my album last year (check it out here).

On the tags I wrote:

  • The reason why
  • To gather the moments
  • To gather the stories
  • To gather together
  • To gather gratitude
  • To gather contagious joy

At the top of the reason why I added a tree, a little star and a piece of vellum stamped with "just the two of us". I love the texture the die cut edge brings to the album without adding any extra bulk.


The back of the die cut page is black and I LOVE how it looks. I typed out my journaling for day 1 and adhered it onto the black paper and continued the rest of the story onto the pockets on the right. I used chipboard numbers I found in my stash, a card from the Feed Your Craft Christmas kit (sold out) and a pattern paper from a past December Daily kit.


The numbers are stitched onto a piece of transparency and slipped into a Simple Stories flip pocket and stuck an Avery tab on the right. I added the staples to hold the transparency in place, more than to keep the tab on the page.


Under the flip pocket I included 3 QR codes that link to videos in my Google Drive of my niece and nephew opening their advent calendars (the story of this day). It was so nice of my brother and his wife to send me the videos, and when I saw them I knew I needed to include them along with the sentiment on the card below. It describes perfectly how I was feeling.


Day 2 finds us in the city at zoo lights and the album getting a little more creative. I added gold chipboard letters to a photo that was dark and blurry but I wanted to include. I punched holes in a tag and added the number 2 and some embellishments. 


When we made the plans to go to zoo lights I knew I'd want to include extra photos, so I decided to cut a piece of acetate to fit in the album and punched some cards, photos and pattern papers into circles. I added washitape to the left side with the holes so the "let your heart be light" circle wouldn't look like it was floating, and so I knew where the holes would be. 

I'd originally thought I'd want to do something like Ali did in her 2015 album, but settled for more circle on a smaller scale. Mostly because my circle punches only got to 2" and rather than fight to get larger ones or make it more complicated than it needs to be, I just made it work with smaller circles.


On the back side I added more photos and punched pieces and a wonky circle (I cut the photo on the front to match the shape). On the right I added a merry and bright card, and wrote my story for the day on a card I pulled together using some pattern papers.


This card is one of my favourites. It's a bokeh star with a heart stapled to it over a polka dot transparency. I love that the dots blend a bit with the stars and create their own pattern.


Day 3 we were still in the city, but we went for dinner and to the movie with some friends. I added the movie poster and an old marketing card from Studio Calico with some embellishments and tape. On the right I stamped on a piece of vellum and used some tickets from this year's main kit to create tabs to hold the piece of vellum and I added an avery tab on the right.

I made a pocket from a piece of my Tim Horton's cup and added a label over the top of the French sentiment. I added the movie tickets, a chipboard number three and the story and put everything on a pattern paper.


The tag pulls out so you can read the story of how our dinner plans were changed and then we couldn't choose a movie and then we pick one and by the time we get back to the theater it's sold out so we go to the other movie we wanted to see. It was a night of "disappointments", but everything worked out and we all had a great time.


Day 4 has us leaving the city. It was snowing in that perfect way it only does in movies but because the truck had been in underground parking, it was warm-ish and the snow was melting on the windows. I snapped this while we waited for a break in traffic to pull out of the hotel. I wrote about how we all had a good time on the trip, the movie snow (we were staying in the center of downtown so of course it was softly swirling and falling) and about how ready I was to embrace what this month had to offer. Which is ironic given the next page was about Jon getting in an accident. *insert wide eyed blushing emoji*

Day 5 has five things; 

  1. I'm struggling a little with my want to work on this more but I'm waiting on my printer
  2. I put up the tree and the few decorations we have. It definitely doesn't feel like much
  3. Jon was in an accident today. He backed into a little silver car. No one was hurt except the truck (and the car)
  4. Discovered a hair ball of Gracie's by my bedside table
  5. It was so wonderful to wake up in my own bed, though I'm glad we took the trip

In this pocket I just stamped on the back of the messy circle with "not my favorite" and "today=hard" and they basically sum up how today went for the most part. My printer was broken and I wanted to work on this, and I had other deadlines I needed to meet (printing my brother and sister in law's thank you cards). 

That's a wrap on the first 5 days. On Monday I'll be back sharing days 6-14. I hope you all have a great weekend.