December Daily 2016 | Days 6-14

Today I'm sharing days 6-14 of December Daily. I wouldn't say these are my favourite pages, but this was at a point when I was still super excited to be doing this project (finally). When everything starts being released in the fall the momentum to finally start is almost overwhelming. Then about halfway through the month I start to hit that wall where nothing seems to be coming together and I almost give up, but I stick it out and finish.


Day 6 looked like this. Taking an hour off work to hangout with my two favourite small people and celebrate Tori's birthday. She's growing up so fast, I can't believe it. Emmett was so excited to show me the trains he's gotten from his Thomas advent calendar (that I gave him back on Day 1). He loves Thomas and he was incredibly excited to be getting a new train every day. Tori's birthday present from us was a Star Wars Lego advent calendar (also given to her on the 1st), which I'm pretty sure she loved. We brought a card with us today and when she opened it she asked "where's my present" and wasn't too excited that she'd already opened it, and therefore got nothing but a card from Frozen that played music. She did love that Uncle Jon picked it out for her though.


Day 7 is all about the tree. I did put it up on the 4th and I did pull out the decorations on the 5th, but I told the story today. I talked about how our tree turned 3 this year, and it leans to the side. As I'm writing this (on Jan 4th) the tree is still up, leaning a little to the left and the lights on the star are burnt out. I'm debating replacing the star, or trying to remove the lights.


Day 8 looked a little like a movie night. I love using flat pieces whenever I can, like the number 8 card which was in the 2015 December Daily kit. I added alpha stickers and a washi strip and basically no bulk. The bottom card with the journaling includes a stamp from Feed Your Craft (no longer available).

Day 9 was all about the tree skirt Jon's cousin made us. After her wedding this past summer she had A LOT of burlap leftover that she didn't know what to do with. She'd made a tree skirt the year before, so I suggested she make more, and said we'd take one if she did. Gracie loves it more than I do I think. As soon as I put it down and spread it out under the tree, she was under the tree rolling on it, laying on it and claiming it as her spot. When we started putting gifts under the tree, she was fine, until we had all the gifts and no tree skirt for her to lay on. As soon as the presents were gone again she was happy.


Day 10 was all about Jon getting strep throat and me hoping I didn't also end up with it (I didn't). I added some wood veneers from Color Cast Designs (available here). I kept it simple, no photo.

Day 11 was all about the weather. This was the coldest it got the whole month and I'm grateful for that. This was way too cold, but winters in Canada have been worse. I used a stamp from Ali Edwards to create a journal card, and one designed for Ali by Jasmine Jones to stamp under the tag.


I used "winter" and a snowflake to add a pattern to the card behind the tag. I love that the blue tied it nicely to the other page, and this tag with the number 11 added the date without the bulk.


Day 12 is all about the wrapping paper and what I want for Christmas. I could have got more creative with this, but I opted to keep it mostly simple. Journaled about trying to use up the wrapping paper I collected over the two years previous, wrote out a short wish list, and created a divider using one of my favourite wrapping papers which just happened to be double sided. It blew my mind when I opened it, and I'm so sad that I don't have any left. We even had to buy a couple extra rolls closer to Christmas because we had some last minute gifts and ran out of Christmas paper.

Day 13 was all about being grateful, and as part of my intention to "gather gratitude" I handed Jon a 3x4 card and asked him to write down whatever he was grateful for until he ran out of space or items to list. I'd mentioned it to him before the month started, so he might have had a list ready in his head.


I added some gold snowflake paper (also used for day 2) and cut it to 3x4, added the red chipboard letters (from the 2015 kit no longer available) and a gold label I cut in half and stamped with his and hers.


It flips up to reveal our lists. Maybe because I write gratitude lists so often I can look a little deeper for things to be grateful for. Jon's were very practical things, but I love that I was able to capture his voice and his chicken scratch here. I tease him about it being hard to read, but this is pretty legible so I'm grateful for that.


Day 14 is all about Gracie waking me by laying on my chest as close as she could get to my face. The right hand side is just one of those pages that isn't specific to a day, it's just there to fill the space, but relates a little more to the next day than today. I took the idea of the starburst on the O from Ali (she did it here).


I never know how to use these countdown cards. Do I mark off the days already gone by, or the days left until Christmas? So instead I just used a star stamp to cross of the days gone by and a candy cane heart to mark the date and added a flair from this set by Feed Your Craft.

Thanks for coming by to check out these days of my December Daily. On Wednesday I'm sharing another 7 days and on Friday I'll have the last of my album up.
For more information about December Daily you can check out Ali's website (here).