December Daily 2016 | Days 22-31

*sigh of relief* It feels great to be sharing the end of my 2016 December Daily album. Between fighting to get good lighting to take the photos in the first place, and then fighting with my computer to get them edited and fighting with the internet to get them into blog posts and then to add my words. It's been quite the struggle. But I'm here now and I'm grateful to be writing the last post about it and moving on to other projects.


First up we have day 22 where I talked about the advent calendar I got Jon this year, and used an idea I've seen a couple of times, and put the advent calendar tabs into 2x2 pockets. I chose to stretch it out and add some embellishments in between the pockets with the instructions. On the left I added a photo of the items he'd assembled up to day 22 and left the back of the ornament from the previous day bare.


Day 23 was the work Christmas lunch. I snapped a photo before everyone go there and used that to tell the story. We turned away so many people because they thought we were open. Like every year. I journaled in a circle around the "holiday party time" card and wrote a bit on the photo with this silver pen from Ali Edwards


Day 24 has me enjoying some creative time and a bit of snow along the window (one of my favourite photos from the month for sure). I wrote 10 things that were happening at this time and included a photo of the tree with most of the presents under it.


Day 25 starts with something I'd been wanting to do for the whole month. I'd made it before I did this spread, and I was going to use it on the 17th, but chose to use the feet photo instead, so I moved this here and I love how it looks next to the photo and the typed journaling.


I chose to type my journaling here because I knew there was no way I could capture all of the moments if I hand wrote it. I made a 4x6 canvas in Photoshop and used the rulers to mark off the space to put my text box so I didn't type over the lines or on top of the top sentiment. I test printed on copy paper and then taped the card to it and printed it again and added the chipboard star. The little tab on the right is on the flip pocket on the other side of the page.


On the other side I have a photo of all the presents spilling out from under the tree and used some letter stickers to write "let's build some Lego". The photo of the bacon was printed at 4x6 and stuck right on the rings with a wood veneer from Color Cast Designs (no longer available) and a tab.


The Lego pocket flips open to reveal the most awesome Lego I've ever seen. Rane got a lego train set (so awesome you don't even know) and Jude had a Jurassic Park set he asked us to help him build. We possibly had more fun doing it than the kids did.


On the back of the bacon photo is Jon's turkey photo. At some point I feel like I'm obligated to create a collage of his turkeys. I used letter stickers to put family, Lego and food onto the favourite things card. I added letter stickers and a stamp to the 25 card, and a photo of Antonia colouring while we played with the train.


Day 26 has us being cozy on the couch. Me in my Christmas pajamas and kitty socks while playing Wii and watching the Storks movie (which is hilarious).

Day 27 has me walking to work and enjoying a bit of blue sky and warm temperatures. Kept it simple with a full page photo, the number and a tag with my journaling.


Day 28 has us walking to the store to get groceries because I forgot to make sure we had all the ingredients for dinner before Jon left for his eye appointment. Luckily it was nice-ish out and my sister came with so I had someone to chat with.

Day 29 I did an around here. Somewhat similar to the one from day 16, except this one includes photos AND words and number stickers. I made 2x2 canvases in Photoshop and typed "around here;" and filled it in with the notes I wrote about the photo.

I continued my around here to the back of the page as well. I made sure to capture things that I didn't talk about in my earlier "currently" page on day 16. On the right I pulled together a circle page to begin day 30. I punched circles from pattern papers, cards, added labels and chipboard and a messy circle.


On the back I have a full page photo and the number 30 and two photos with a transparent card. I actually took significantly less photos than I thought I would, but I filled the pockets and told the stories.


On the back side I included the "small joys" card from Feed Your Craft and typed my journaling similar to how I did on Christmas day, but I put the numbers in parenthesis this time. On the right I used some red alphas to spell "gather" and added a chipboard from an old Story Kit.


I added a little stamp to the top of this card and printed out my journaling. I love that it tells the story without being so "We did this and this and this. And then this happened. And we all laughed at this." I loved being able to frame it from the prompt of "joy is" and note all the moments from this day that brought me joy.

And one more two pager because that ornament Tori and I made is too cute not to document, and I really wanted to include her handwriting in here. I told her how to spell everything, and she wrote it out herself. So precious. On the right side I included the paper crowns and jokes from our Christmas crackers and a little flip pocket with some journaling that some may find offensive. You can scroll past it if you'd like.


I cut the filler card to back the paper on the other side, and added vellum to hide the rest of the journal card (which contains a swear because I'm an adult and sometimes I swear). The gold circle in the center is strategically placed to block out most of the swear when it's laying flat.


It flips up to reveal what my sister wrote on the envelope she put our Christmas money in. She owed me money for the gift we bought mom, and she was going to get us a giftcard but wasn't able to get to the store, so she just gave us cash. I wrote about how we've spent the whole month teasing her about hating Christmas, so I added letter stickers to the journal card to make it say "be f******* jolly".


IOn the back I added a few embellishments to the paper crowns, and a couple filler cards. I added a full 6x8 photo of Jon, Gracie and I laying on the couch watching The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime and wrote about how we had a mostly quiet New Year's Eve with my sister and her boyfriend.
Here's what I wrote

Today is the last day of December and the last day of 2016. It's been a tough year for a lot of people, it didn't start out to great for us, (Side note: Jon was almost paralyzed in January and spend 6 weeks sleeping on the couch and visiting the chiropractor to put everything back into place) but I wouldn't change a single moment. I love that I get to spend every day with these two, and Socks even if the current situation with him and Gracie hating each other isn't idea in the least. This afternoon the three of us watched The Grand Tour on Amazon. Tonight Katherine and Remi came over, we played games, we drank, we laughed and a lot of yelling. We celebrated the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. We all stayed up way too late, I fell asleep on the couch during Storkes, and had more to drink that I'd like. We had good times with the people we car about. I love that I was able to spend time with the people I care about doing things we all enjoy - boardgames, Mario Party, and Mario Kart and I love that Jon participated. I love these times I get to spend with them and I hope that 2017 brings us more chances to spend time together making memories. Bring it on 2017. I'm so ready. Let's do this.

Is it just me or do you realize how much you ramble AFTER you print out the photo and journaling. I also noticed some spelling and grammatical errors, but it's done. I'm leaving it. I'm also getting a hand cramp from all the typing I've done today, so I better wrap this up soon.


The final page is a quote that Ali Edwards wrote out as part of her Give Sunday series she did in 2016. You can download it from her blog (here). I thought it was the perfect way to end this album that contains so much of everything. Facts, feelings, the people I care about, and so many memories. 

Next week I'll (theoretically) go back to my regular sharing of Project Life and a handful of traditional layouts. I also need to photograph my #31MinutesFor31Days traveler's notebook for the second half of that project. I also made an awesome layout for the books I read in 2016, and a couple of Christmas layouts. Have a great weekend.