December Daily 2016 | Days 15-21

Another round of December Daily. Is it just me, or do you look at those 2x2 pockets and wonder "how could I ever fill those"? I actually used significantly less of them this year, I just found myself struggling to fit my stories into those little spaces, but I did have some stories I wanted to tell that worked perfectly to fill them, like the first one I'm sharing today about our holiday baking.


Day 15 has me baking cookies and packing boxes to send to family and friends for Christmas. So many cookies. I used a digital stamp from this set and added it straight to my photo before printing. The right side is a 4x6 photo with a card adhered to the back and stuck straight on the rings. There's an avery tab on the right with "today=busy" stamped over and over on both sides.


I journaled about our favourite recipes and how I knew that if I didn't make all the cookies today, that I wouldn't have time to get them done to give out to friends so we were putting the cookies into bags and then into the freezer so I could pull them out and dump them into each box before delivering them. 

The right side has some photos, statistics and see-through pieces to round out the day. It says "239 pretzel sandwiches" but Jon has informed me that at the time of writing that card, we had actually made 339. I might go back and change it, or add a note talking about how I got it wrong. But even if I did change it, it would be inaccurate because we ended up making extra pretzel sandwiches later in the month.

The 15 is cut down from a tag from the 2015 DD Kit, the cheer tag is from Wilna Furstenberg (available here as part of her Christmas workshop from 2014) and the make it merry card was from the Feed Your Craft Christmas kit (no longer available)


Day 16 was titled as "around here" but was more like a "currently" list. I added white cards to the back of the photos from the previous day, and covered the back of the chipboard circles with rubber circles (bad idea, so much bulk) and added some of the confetti stars to the top of each card. I stamped "home is who you share it with" on the back of a tag from the 2016 kit and added a pattern paper to the right side with a messy circle.


Day 17 has us going to my brothers house to celebrate Christmas with my dad's family. I started the day off with a photo of my feet, a large number 17 and some journaling. The right side has the Merry Everything card cut in half to fill 2 3x4 pockets and a 4x6 of the family photo we took (poorly but better than nothing).

Today we gather for the first of three Christmas Gatherings
Today we gather at Josh and Carla's house with the Popowich Family
Today we gather around the table to eat, visit, and play board games
Today we gather to remember how far we've come
Today we gather for a family photo
Today we gather to watch the children bond
Today we gather to exchange gifts
Today we gather to be  together


Day 18 was about trying to slow down the season, and finally getting some more snow. I wrote about it being up to -10 Celcius as opposed to the previous days -42 Celcius. Day 19 starts on the tag with I adhered to half of a transparency with snowflakes and branches on it. 


Day 19 Continues onto the back where I adhered another tag, wrote my journaling and included a photo on the right. Holiday Baking Championship is something we look forward to watching ever year, even if it does start in November.


Day 20 is all about the holiday music I've been listening to this year. I included a 6x8 paper from the Jasmine Jones kit (from this year I think) and filled in a page of 2x2 pockets with album covers, pattern papers, cut up tags and embellishments.


Day 21 was about our holiday shopping, and a bit of personal shopping (don't judge). I cut the receipts and some pattern paper to fill the pockets, added a wood circle from this set and added some cards from past DD kits, and Feed Your Craft. The large ornament was a special from Color Cast Designs, but you can buy the smaller version (here if it's still available).

That's all for today. But I'll be back on Friday sharing the final days of my album, including the advent calendar page you can see peeking through behind the ornament.