Project Life 2016 | Week 40


One thing I've learned from doing this project for the last 3 years is that towards the end of the year I find myself taking less photos. The photos I do take are usually of food, or the changing leaves. Mostly the leaves, but that's what makes this Autumn Story Teller kit from The Crafty Pocket so perfect for those weeks where the seasons are changing.


Of course I try to document the Christmas cards I'm making, and this year that includes a set with Christmas lights and a digital stamp from this set by Jasmine Jones as part of last year's December Daily kits. I also made a set using some Kellie Stamps from this set and this set. You can see more about those cards in this post. My sister sent me the photo of my nephew sitting on his chair on the couch (she told him to get down after taking the photo of course).

This week I had my niece and nephew make cards for the gifts we made last week for their parents. I got some new books (all of which I've finished reading already) and I documented some sunrise photos. The bottom right photo is a flip up.


I had more story I wanted to include there about getting up early to go to work and enjoying seeing the sun shine through these trees on the way up and on the way back. I rarely document the alley going home (it's dark and I'm not usually walking).

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I'm only documenting up to the end of November in my Project Life album and all of December goes into December daily. Unless I have too many photos and stories, but then I might just do some traditional pages, or exclude them for now. This years album is full, just like last year, and I don't think December will fit in it.