December Daily | My Story Matters


Let's talk about December Daily. Some people love it, some hate it, you can find more information about it (here) on Ali's site. Word art on the above photo is from Ali Edwards as well (available here). 

On Monday, I was catching up on Ali's first few December Daily posts on her blog. We had been gone over the weekend, and I was so excited to see what she'd made for the first few days while I planned and prepped my album for the first few stories. My printer is broken (waiting on my replacement to arrive) so I haven't started yet, but I'm loving her level of creativity in her album so far.

I got to her Day 02 post and this section at the end really spoke to me:

"I approach all of my projects (this one, Week In The Life™Project Life®One Little Word®, and traditional scrapbooking) from my point of view - as my story. My parents, my kids, my partners, my friends are all characters in the story of my life. I make these projects because I enjoy them (the writing, the photographing, the crafting), not our of a sense of obligation to make sure I record all the details of my kids lives."

It resonated with me because last year (my first year doing December Daily) I tried to include all the details. I do the same thing in Project Life. I always ended up feeling like I needed to include more, but she's right. This is MY STORY, everything I'm telling is from my perspective and it's okay if I don't include every detail of someone else's perspective because the story isn't always about them, and if it is, it's still my perspective of what happened unless they write it out and I include it in their own words.

Yesterday I was in the December Daily Facebook Group (here if you're not already a member), and I came across this post from Tracie Claiborne (she hosts the Scrap Gals Podcast, the Live Inspired Podcast, and one other I'm forgetting the name of {sorry Tracie} and she's an awesome creative). 

"I had an aha moment this week. In the past, I've failed at [December Daily] because I made each page about that DAY. I've really paid attention to how Ali focuses on one story and this year my stories have been narrowed down to a MOMENT of the day. So instead of making it about what we did that day, I'm making it more about a moment in time. So far it's a 15 minute window of thoughts while I decorated a specific area, then the next day it's the moment I turned on the twinkle lights and saw a reflection in the windows, the next day it's words that were said at a choir concert, the next day my thoughts while watching a Christmas show. I am loving how it's going. So I think I was making it all too BROAD and this year I am making it more SPECIFIC in focus and it's not overwhelming me at all. Now why it took me 8 years to figure this out, I will never know! In the past, I hated to leave out things we did so I documented it all but it just ended up being too much to keep up with for me. So happy I finally got it!"

This was the perfect way to describe what it's really all about. Last year I tried to include too much, I completed it, but the front pages are bending around the rings a little because I wanted to include EVERYTHING. Every single story from every single day. Nothing was left out.

I've been trying to stop including every photo and every detail on my projects (sometimes there's the space for it) and while I'm still a work in progress in that respect, but I'm still overwhelmingly excited to approach this project from my new found position. Capturing A MOMENT from MY PERSPECTIVE and not including everything. I have plans to pester Jon into contributing at the very least a list of things he's grateful for (which I'll type because his handwriting is impossible to read sometimes). 

Eventually I'll get my printer and catch up on my December Daily pages and share them here. Until then I should go take advantage of the little bit of sunshine we have right now, and photograph some projects.