Project Life 2016 | Week 38


Today I'm sharing Week 38. This was right around the time it finally started to look more like fall, but it was still warm for the most part. Lots of Christmas card prep, and a few other projects going on.


Like most memory keepers, there are those photos you love and keep coming back to. For me, those include whatever I'm working on, my constantly changing craftroom, from where I stand, and photos of our backyard through the constantly changing weather. I'm thinking maybe next year my title cards will be replaced with a weekly photo of the backyard.


I'm trying to document more of the little mundane things, like the view of the alley from the other direction, the back yard during a different time of day. My sewing machine that I have only ever used on paper. I'm also trying to use the Story Kits from Ali Edwards (purchase the current kit here) to tell more of the story, or tell it in a slightly different way, or tell a story I might not have thought of without that card prompting me.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I'm slowly catching up on other projects and finding little pockets of sunshine to photograph everything. Hoping the sunshine holds out a little longer before overcast winter starts and makes everything blue/grey and gloomy. On Friday I have a very special project to share so I'll see you all then.