Project Life 2016 | Week 33

Today I'm sharing Week 33. So much yellow and a peek at some items I made for my brothers wedding. I'm planning to have a blog post a little later to share all the things I made, just waiting to see if the photographer got a nice picture of my finished banner.

Here's the full spread. I love all the yellow with pops of black! One of my favourite combinations.

Used some old Kellie Stamps for my title card. This week was in August, but it literally feels like it was forever ago. This week was spent studying for my final exam in Accounting (barely passed but didn't document it anywhere yet) and I bought my new desk. Made my first (terrible) spread in my art journal that I won, and enjoyed some rainy days.

On our way home from our Ikea trip we saw not 1 but 3 funnel clouds. I finished up some pieces for my brothers wedding, and high fived myself for a few days because it all turned out so great.

My goal is to one day sell paper products for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. Everything from invitations, to tags for favours, to banners. I currently do it on the side (when I'm not working or making mini albums). It's usually a case by case basis, but I have some items I've done just for fun that I can show off, you just have to ask. I'm open to trying pretty much anything, but I only have so much space for storing all the sample items I make.