#31MinutesFor31Days | Week 2


I must say I'm really loving the challenge of the Travelers Notebook. Some pages are really busy and some are incredibly simple. It's a challenge because I have all these pieces I want to include, but the space I have to work with is smaller than I'm used to. It's like going from 12x12 traditional pages to 8.5x11 traditional pages - it takes a little time to get the hang of it. But now that I've wrapped up my first complete Travelers Notebook, I think I've figured out that less is more sometimes.


This spread is what I like to call "First winter...sort of". We woke up to this snow, and a few hours later it had melted (see photo below).


Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, and our Thanksgiving was replaced with my brother's wedding. It was so nice to finally get the family together for something happy. They both looked beautiful, the kids were extra adorable being all dressed up, and everyone had a good time.


I've stuck pretty closely to the pieces I used in my last post about this notebook (added a few more bits from my stash), and you can find it and all the details over (here). I love how this little book has come together. And I've decided that after sticking a flair badge on almost every single page, that none of the interior pages will have a flair badge. I'll use them for something else, but for the purpose of the photos and the pages looking finished, I included them here.