I'm Alexandria (or Alex). I'm a 20-something creative living in a small town with my boyfriend Jon and our cat Gracie. By day I work front desk at the Motel Jon and his parents own/run, and the rest of the time I'm making, reading or writing. 
I love making scrapbook pages (traditional or pocket page), mini books, cards, food...anything that lets me use my hands to create something that brings joy to someone's face.


Creative Adventures

Here you can find current and past creative teams and any classes I've contributed content to. There's not currently that many, but I'm working on it. I love the challenge of creating with a specific set of products, or creating content to inspire people in a class.


Wild Whisper Creative Team

I was part of the Wild Whisper Creative Team from January to December 2017. They're a small business run by two awesome ladies in Canada. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to support a small business that's local-ish to me. We need more small creative businesses in Canada.


Kellie Stamps Creative Team

I was on the Kellie Stamps Creative Team from October 2015 to December 2016. I love that Australians spell words like colour the same as we do in Canada, so it was wonderful to have stamps that have the correct spellings.

Little Summer JOY Block - For Blog Posts.jpg

#LittleSummerJOY Contributor

July to August of 2016 I was a part of the class #littlesummerJoy hosted by Julie & Jen. It was the most fun I've ever had creating a mini album. It was so awesome to create content for their class and encourage others to celebrate little moments from their summer.


The Teal Lime Press

I was on The Teal Lime Press Creative Team from February to March of 2016 and then she closed up her shop. You can now find Kristine and her new creative projects at Humble and Create. Click below for her link tree.