2017 | Week 46


This week I used a mixture of old Feed Your Craft cards, and old Ali Edwards cards. I love that both Elise (Feed Your Craft) and Ali create intentional products to help you tell a variety of authentic stories. I also love that they compliment each other - granted I have a ton of both, so I dig until I find pieces that fit together in a spread.


Title cards for me, are literally just a place to put the dates. Sometimes they're just a pattern with a label and the date and other times they're the marketing cards from the Story Kits (which have a handwritten quote on them) and the date.

This year I've learned to love list journaling. Like the currently card. It's just a great way to get a bunch of little stories into the spread without taking up a lot of space, and generally those little stories don't need more than one sentence to tell them.


It's reaching the point where photos of Gracie are almost like filler cards. Sometimes I get to the end of the week and I have a dozen photos of her being adorable on my phone, and I try to keep them from filling every single pocket. This was also the week I started working on my December Daily album cover - below this post you'll see the first 5 days and the beautiful cover I made. 

I'm trying to be more aware of the photos I take each week, and to make notes about some of the smaller stories I want to include. I want to take more photos, and be more intentional in taking them. We'll see how that goes this year.


December Daily 2017 | Days 1-5


FINALLY. It's time to share December Daily and let me just say, it was tough to keep this cover a secret for the entire month of December, and now half of January, and now that I'm sharing it, I'm so proud of myself for taking the risk.

When I first got the idea, I was skeptical that it would turn out, so I didn't want to tell anyone about it, except Jon. He was at his desk painting and I came out and literally was just like "okay, so I have this idea. It's probably stupid, and I can guarantee you as soon as I reach the point of no turning back, I'll doubt myself, and have regrets about starting it. It will probably be worth all of that in the end, but I want you to know now that I'll probably whine about it. I'm not even trying to talk myself out of it. That's how much I want to do this." and he simply just said "go for it". Then I explained what I was going to do, and he handed me the drill and off I went.


A little bit of backstory about this idea - I was scrolling through Instagram and came across THIS SNEAK from Paige Evans. I went to the Silhouette Design Store to find the file (here) and bought it (and a couple of other designs).

I played around with the sizing of the file to fit it on my album cover. I didn't notice the top chevron is a little wonky, until after I drilled the holes, so I just left it. I couldn't fix it without it looking even worse, so I'm embracing it and all the crooked lines and uneven stitches. They lend to the handmade aspect of the cover.

Okay, so I used the Silhouette to draw it on a paper about the size of the album cover. If I did it again, I would use a pen. The pencil lines smudged and as it went down the page, the pencil got more dull and the lines weren't as dark making it a little harder to drill the holes. I would also use a drill press instead of a hand drill. It took longer to hand drill because of hand cramps. 


It took me about a week to get all of the holes drilled, and then I had to stitch it. I didn't get it finished until a few days into December, but it was absolutely worth it. I didn't want it to look exactly like the layout Paige was making (her finished layout) and since all I had to go off was the sneak photo I linked above, it wasn't too hard to keep it different, I just did what I liked and tried to stick to more traditional colours that I would use inside my album. I love this so much that I want to do more with this design, but I also want to experiment more with stitching on layouts in 2018. 


The only downside to drilling through the album cover, is that some of the layers separated and the inside is a textured mess. In some places, The stitches are the only thing holding the inside of the cover together. I still love how it turned out, and I love how it looks across from my title page, which for once is literally just my reason why right off the start.


This year, I took Ali's Hybrid Workshop, and I learned so much more about working with digital elements and layered templates and using Photoshop (learn more about it here). It was a huge game changer for me, and now that I have more knowledge about using and printing digital elements, I can be a true hybrid scrapbooker.

I used some old rubber banners and this layered template to create my title page. Instead of photos I made text boxes about the same size as the boxes for the photos and turned them to the same angle and just typed until the box was full and moved onto the other one. The bottom left box was a bit of a challenge. For some reason aligning the text to the right edge, wasn't my first thought, so I spent more time than I would have liked working on this.

I pulled colours from some past digital December Daily kits and I love how they turned out and how well they go together.


Day 1 was about decorating the tree. We put it up in late November, but managed to wait until the first to get it decorated. I used a mixture of the 2017 Main Kit and some bits from previous kits going all the way back to 2013. 


I have ripped many a cork pieces trying to put adhesive on them, so I usually just use my tiny attacher and staple them where I want them. I aimed for the middle of the photo, and added a chipboard banner beneath it.


Day 2 was super simple, just photos and cards slipped into pockets and an old gold foil number circle. It was all about getting my niece and nephew advent calendars.

Day 3 was a layered template that's included in Ali Edwards' Hybrid Workshop. I edited the template a bit to work for me - like making it a little wider to be outside of a page protector. I coloured the numbers using colours from my title page and added typed journaling.


An older Jasmine Jones card to tie in the gold number circle.


The center of the template had a circle that just said "yes". I edited it out and added this flair badge from Feed Your Craft instead. I love that I can just throw the photos in, colour some pieces, type journaling, print it out and call it done. It's not really that simple, but simpler than trying to measure and cut my photos to fit onto a page this way. Digital skills are the best skills.


I'm a fan of over-sized photos and this one right here was the reason I sized the layered template to be outside the page protector. I didn't want this photo to have one half in a pocket and the other half not in a pocket. 

I generally hate photos of myself and most often when other people take them. But I love this photo. We were making slime because the birthday girl has been asking for a while if we could make some. I brought the glitter and the glue and my sister brought everything else and my sister-in-law provided the containers to mix it all in. It was messy and sticky and I don't think I'd ever do it again, but I'm glad that my sister-in-law insisted on getting a reasonably good photo of all of us. I especially love my nephews face.


Holy man this post is getting long. I apologize. I'll try and shorten my ramblings going forward. I'm realizing now that the cover likely could have been it's own post, but here we are. I added a chipboard number and put a phrase sticker on it and added a little chipboard circle.


This star is actually a paperclip holding the other side of this page closed, and if I had to do this page over again (I already made it twice) I think I'd move the number and the other bits down to the bottom to incorporate the star clip into that cluster of embellishments.


I almost forgot about the journaling for this page. It's tucked in between this photo and the one on the other side. I attached a little tab from the Christmas kit Feed Your Craft released this year and I love how it looks. I'm also ridiculously excited that Elise is growing her product offerings to include puffy stickers, chipboard and die cuts. 


I used this stamp set from Ali Edwards to stamp a big Joy onto my journal card. I measured a rough size estimate of the stamp and created space for my text to go around it. Once I typed my journaling I printed it out and added the stamp, the tab and the number sticker and then when I adhered my pages together I left a little pocket of space to hold the journaling. The other side is just blank white.


Day 4 starts on the back of the over-sized photo. Jon asked me to whip up some holiday hour signs so we could put them up early enough that people would get the message that we were closing for the holidays. I'm not sharing it here, but the bottom piece (we will be closed and below) actually flips open to show what we wish we could make the sign say. It's full of sassy sarcasm and some swears which is why I've left it hidden there, but it's so absolutely us and Jon was surprised that I actually typed it out and included it. But I'm trying to be authentic.

The right side includes a journal card, a messy circle and number 4 card from the 2016 kit - I added some gold chipboard stars to the number 4 card similar to how Ali did (here). The "oh what fun" is letters cut out and stitched to a piece of acetate (clear plastic) with a pink star stapled to the top and just slipped into a pocket. I made a bunch of see-through bits last year and never used them. I include the other portion of the "oh what fun" cut later in the album as well.


Day 5 is all about beginning our holiday treat making. I kept the right side fairly simple and then had the heart page I made with a past transparency (I think 2016) and a cut file from the December Daily Product Play Workshop that Ali offered this year. I added some embellishments from the word phrase stickers, the heart chipboard set and two of the felt hearts from the main kit.


I added some embellishments from the word phrase stickers, the heart chipboard set and two of the felt hearts from the main kit. I already had the date on the left side, so this one just got embellishments relating to that. The other side of this page went with day 6, so you'll see that in the next December Daily post going up on Friday. 


Thank you so much for coming by to see this extremely long post about the first few days of my album. I'm sure most of you came over here just to see the cover, so here's an extra photo of it. If you did read all my ramblings to this point, thank you. It means a lot. For some reason I don't care that much about the blog analytics as opposed to the reactions I get on Instagram. Which probably makes no sense, but I know a lot of people are all about the visuals and less about the ramblings. I'm one of those people, but sometimes I visit blogs JUST to read what they wrote, so thanks to all of you just the same.

I'll be back on Friday to share another 8 days, and hopefully that post won't be quite as long as this one. If you participated in December Daily, or just made any sort of December/Holiday related album, I'd love to see it. Feel free to leave a link to your album(s) in the comments

2017 | Week 45


this week was pretty simple. I slipped photos and cards into pockets, added a couple stickers and stapled down the dinner circle and called it good.


The sticker on the left 3x4 card came on my Get to Work Book (you can learn about it here). When my planner arrived, I peeled that sticker off the packaging and stuck it directly onto a 3x4 scrap I had laying on my desk. I journaled around the sticker about how excited I was for my planner to arrive, and how much I love that sticker she included.

The bottom right photo is a quote from Brene Brown's newest book Braving the Wilderness.


I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I have SO MANY 4x6 cards and not nearly as many 3x4 cards. I often cut the 4x6 cards in half like here. The "follow your heart" quote card was a 4x6 with the heart patter on the right. I trimmed it in half and ended up using them together on the same spread.

I added a chipboard from the Give Story Kit (not currently available, and stapled a plastic circle from the Eat Story Kit. Super simple, and I love it.

2017 | Week 44


Super simple spread for the week of my birthday - which was spent at home with Jon and Gracie, and just super quiet. Using some older embellishment and cards from Ali Edwards and a rubber banner that is ridiculously old and from Studio Calico.


I love that Gracie twists herself into an adorable little pretzel when she sleeps. Jon's mom bought me that super cute mug from David's Tea for my birthday, and I made some banana chocolate chip muffins.


I took some time during this week to set up my supplies for December Daily, so of course I had to document that too. I love December Daily and I have so many Christmas supplies that I usually keep in a suitcase, but once a year I put them into a tray and set it on or near my desk. Sometimes you don't take that many photos, so you fill a 4x6 card with journaling about your birthday. 

2017 | Week 43


Super love basically everything that Ali Edwards makes. Especially the marketing cards she includes in every single Story Kit with a quote in her beautiful handwriting. You can learn more about her Story Kits here


This week I repeated stars across some of the 3x4 cards. I super love that photo of my nephew with the floor puzzle. He was so proud that we managed to build it together.


This heart tag is a ridiculously old piece from Studio Calico. I adhered it to the quote that I included last week and trimmed the quote to the tag shape and added a wood veneer star.


So much love for the time I get to spend with my niece and nephew. They're growing so fast! They absolutely deserve basically an entire spread for the one day of the week I hang out with them.


I absolutely had to include this blurry hilarious photo of my nephew. He was running around the house half naked trying to find the underwear that he very obviously put into his laundry basket. Definitely cracked me up and absolutely worth documenting. I'm sure this photo will come up again when he's older.

Thank you so much for coming by to see this spread. I'm thinking that next week I'll sprinkle some December Daily pages into the week along with my Project Life posts. Not sure if I'll go for more posts for the week, or keep it at 3 and just alternate December Daily and Project Life.


One Little Word 2018 | Mend


For the third year, I'm taking part in Ali Edwards' One Little Word Workshop. You can find more details about the workshop on Ali's site - here

Around July this year I thought I knew what my word for 2018 will be. I was pretty convinced that it would be whole. I made a Pinterest board, and then just left it there, and tried to refocus on my 2017 word for the last few months.

Custom Heart Pocket Talisman photo by Liz Lamoreux - click the photo to view it in her shop

Custom Heart Pocket Talisman photo by Liz Lamoreux - click the photo to view it in her shop

Then in November, Liz Lamoreux of Soul Mantras  shared a photo and some thoughts on the word Mend. It was her 2017 word and her words about it really spoke to me. I put mend on my list, not really thinking that it would become my 2018 word. 

Then in mid-December, mend started to whisper to me. It was really soft and the more I ignored it, the more it kept coming back to me. I kept going back to this post by Liz and the more I read the words here, the more they sunk in. I kept testing out how the word mend sounded and while I couldn't come up with any sort of mantra for it like my previous words, it wouldn't go away.  Yet I didn't believe that it would be my word.  

Finally I caved and looked up the definition of mend.

1. to make whole, sound or useable by repairing
3. to set right; to make better; improve
5. to grow back together
*the rest of the definition*

Something in my brain just clicked and the more I thought about what it meant to mend, the more I started to think about how much my goals for 2018 were completely wrapped up in everything that mend wanted to give me. I realized that I couldn't CHOOSE the word, the word had to CHOOSE me.

The only struggle I've been having with this word, is trying to create concrete goals related to mend. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that for me, this year, this word will come along with companion words. Words like heal/health, nourish, and whole. I'm excited to see where this year takes me, and I just hope that it's not as stressful as last year.