2017 | Week 30 & 31


Today I'm sharing a combined spread for Weeks 30 & 31. In the summer I find that I take significantly less photos. Things were so busy and crazy and routine that I'd get to the end of the week and go to print my photos and realize that I don't have enough for a full spread two weeks in a row, so I just combine them.


Here's the left side - week 30. We played some Super Dungeon Explorer (so fun). I included some details about the damage done by the windstorm from the previous week. It snapped a branch off our tree, but also got it stuck in the tree, so I used the "hold on my friend" card from this set of journal cards by Ali Edwards.


Here's the right side which covers Week 31 - but mostly just the long weekend and all the things that were going on then. I used more cards from the set linked above, and some extra bits from the Fun story kit. I also added in a quote card from Feed Your Craft.


I forsee printing out this card and using it many more times. I love that it covers all the levels of not fun to ridiculously fun. Even if you don't read the story, you an get a feel for the kid of story it will be. I also used it to make a flip pocket for a not fun story.


We tried to take the weekend off for Jon's family reunion, but the girl who was supposed to work couldn't come in two days in a row so I ended up missing 90% of the reunion to go to work. I included some Snapchats to add to the story. 

I know there are little 3x4 flip pocket things you can get (I ordered some a couple weeks ago) but since I didn't have any for the longest time, I quite often would just use washitape to hold the pieces to make the flip pocket.



Do you ever make a layout, and then when you're finished you look at it and you just say "Ah Yeah" and then your soul dances inside your body because miraculously that layout you didn't think would work just lights up your world? That was this layout for me. I had a great idea, and then I had to go to work, but I was hoping the idea would stick around and actually workout.


I think it worked out pretty great! I was going to use a plain white background paper, but when I saw this ridiculously old Amy Tangerine paper, I knew I had to use it. I took some screenshots of the video of him doing a somersault on the trampoline and trimmed them to fit across the page. It was SO FUN and he laughed afterwards. I love that he's just a little jokester.

I used the acrylic fun word from the Ali Edwards Fun Story Kit, a cork burst and some rubber speech bubbles from the same kit. I added in some other bits from my stash as well and tried to create a diagonal line across the page to tie the circles and embellishments together.


I added some embellishments from Ali Edwards to the little clusters of circles that were already on the paper. I added a plastic circle, a rubber speech bubble and a cork star with a foam square.


To the other corner I added a cork circle with a heart cut out, a plastic circle with a star and another rubber speech bubble.

I love this layout so much, and the story makes me smile. He's so cute. The Fun kit was so perfect to tell this story, and I hope that I can make better use of more kits in projects that allow me to tell specific stories.

Love This View


As someone who has no idea how to make the hard choices, I've decided that the sky is my favourite colour. Not at any particular time of day, I just love it so much. 


I took some photos I had of the sky throughout the first part of this year and I used the 6x8 digital template from my good friend Kristine over at The Crafty Pocket. I printed out the photos and the journal card pieces and then cut them out and stuck them on another 6x8 paper in the same layout.


I hand wrote my journaling and I added some stitching between each of the squares using my machine. I'd debated hand stitching it, but the machine was faster. I used some digital journal cards and chipboard shapes from Ali Edwards to fill in the last 4 spaces. The "view" is from this digital words set from The Crafty Pocket.


I hoard chipboard pieces, but these little triangle numbers were perfect for this spread. The colours match, the size and shape was absolutely perfect. The "Love this" diamond is a digital card from Ali Edwards. 

2017 | Week 29


Sharing Week 29 using some bits mostly from Feed Your Craft & Brandi Kincaid. I've been hoarding the pieces for far too long and it's long over due that I actually use them. 


Left side; The beginning of the wedding album I started working on, family breakfast, dinner, and another pep talk courtesy of Brandi Kincaid.


Right side; I had to document the delphinium finally beginning to bloom. Jon made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. We made a trip to the city and had some delicious Tim Horton's coffee (fave). Katherine and Remi came over for D&D and we had the second wind storm leading to a power outage this year. 

Best Day


Please tell me I'm not the only one who makes a layout, sets it aside with the intention of photographing and blogging it, and then you forget about it for....months. I made this layout just after I finished my Week in the Life album and then I forgot that I'd finished it. But while cleaning recently I found it on a shelf, photographed it and now I'm blogging it.


I cut this heart background out AGES ago and finally got around to using it. The circle made of hearts is from a digital stamp from the Heart Story Kit by Ali Edwards. I used a photo taken during Week in the Life and added some random embellishments.


The story of the wonky hopscotch that quickly became the best day. The best day chipboard is from the Week in the Life kit and the flair is from (this set) The Craft Pocket.