2017 | Week 17


I've been trying to catch up on Project Life. I think I'm back to being a couple weeks behind, but I still love the process of doing it in batches. Printing the photos for two or three weeks at a time. Then selecting the cards and rearranging things. Sometimes an entire week is determined by one card that I really want to use, and others it's the photos that suggest colours to me. This week features a drawing that my nephew gave me while I was babysitting him during the week.


Here's the full spread without the artwork. The right page is JUST photos from Thursday. I generally don't take many towards the end of the week, but it's something I'm working on. For this spread I used cards from the Bond Story Kit (no longer available) a past Week in the Life kit (like 2 years ago I think) and some digital cards from Ali Edwards' March and April digital kits


The left side contains the few photos I took at the start of the week. I added a label to the bonding time card for the dates, and cut the "time with friends" box off a card from one of Ali's many kits. I thought about using foam dots to stick it down, but decided to leave it flat since the other side of the page has a bunch of flair badges.

There's a little story that goes with the piece of artwork. I had a couple of bags with me when I went to my brother's house to watch my nephew for the day, and I set them beside the table. He's almost 3 so he looks at me "What's that?" I wasn't quite sure how to respond so I said "That's my Auntie stuff". He seemed satisfied by my answer. We coloured the picture and eventually moved on to other pictures. I never asked him where this one went, but after I put him down for his nap, I went to get my book from my bag and found this with one rolled up corner sitting on top of my "Auntie Stuff". I asked him about it later and he just said "for you".


The right side is all about hanging out with my nephew and their dog Joey, and then my niece when she got out of school. We spent the morning watching movies, colouring and racing little cars across the floor. Joey of course hung out with us for all of it. when my niece got home from school, wecoloured and raced more cars. All in all a good day/week.

2017 | Week 16


This might very well be my absolute favourite week from the entire year. I've watched Ali pre-make journal cards that were all the same in some way and use them for an entire week of Project Life, and I finally did it and I LOVE the result. I also repeated a flair badge from The Crafty Pocket (available here) on each photo to signify the day.

They're all over the place so that when the pages are in the album I don't have two flair badges close enough to make the pages any bulkier than one flair badge.


I LOVE that title card so much. It literally set the tone for the whole spread. You can get it in the digital kit that's included in Ali Edwards' Hybrid workshop. Which is great in case you were wondering. I learned SO MUCH from that class. The washi strip is super old, but I believe was from Studio Calcio. The stamp set I used for the journal cards is (here) and I had debated using it in my week in the life, but instead used it here. I'll have more on my Week in the Life album later.


I LOVE how thjose flair just tied the entire spread together. I also love that I finally captured Gracie's weird habit of sticking her kitty feet under the door of the bathroom. It's one of my favourite photos from the entire week.

I'd also like to add that Ali does not compensate/pay me in any way to talk about her products. I just believe that our stories are important and deserve to be told and I love that her products are great for telling them in so many ways. Whether they prompt you to tell a new story that you hadn't thought of, or encourage you to tell a story from a different perspective, they're AMAZING products.

2017 | Week 15


"Auntie, this is for you."
"Thank you, but it doesn't say Auntie Alex, it just says Alex"
"Okay, bye"


Here's the left side with the insert. I love that Tori doesn't need my help to spell certain things anymore because she writes them so often. I love that her writing is messy and completely hers. I love that she tries to draw new things. I think this was a dog.


On the back I included one of my nephew's drawings. Does anyone remember being a kid and using those Crayola Stamp markers? My mom still has a bunch and some of them actually work. They're one of his favourites and even though he pushes too hard, he loves the magic of markers. I also love that his drawings are starting to look like very abstract people, and he's been experimenting with shapes.


Here's the full spread, no insert. I kept things a little more simple this week. Lots of words and a couple of embellishments. Forever love Ali Edwards' products for getting my stories told.


Imperfect photos are better than no photos right? Right? I only say this because sometimes the moment to get the perfect photo doesn't last long enough, or you simply don't want a posed photo, like the shadow photo on the top right.

I added a super old phrase strip to the bottom of the quote card on the left side, wrote my words and called it done.


I added a flair from The Crafty Pocket (available here) to the photo of my new books. I've read all four of them at this point, and they were so good.

We had a little "picnic" at Nana's house while watching a movie, so I snapped a photo. I'm totally fine with their faces being cut off there, I have plenty where they aren't and it was more about them sharing than about getting their mouths full of food.

I used a card from the Stuff Story Kit to write a short list of things I loved when I was a kid and related it to this spread as much as I could.

2017 | Week 14


Today I'm sharing week 14. This week was rather typical for us and I love how the photos, words and embellishments came together. I pulled out some super old pieces that I've been hoarding and made them work for me. I used bits from past Story Kits (join the waiting list here), some of Ali's monthly digital kits available  - specifically March and April.


The left side has a simple title card. I love the "oh sweet everyday" card so much that I think I used it again a couple weeks from this one. I pulled out these little gold foil bursts from a past kit (I don't remember which one) and added one to each photo and one to the title card. I'd been hoarding them for so long now, I just wanted to use them. I picked one that fit with each photo, and just put them where they fit.


The right side includes a couple of cut journal cards. I cut the sun please off of one from the April kit and stuck it right on my photo. The "so totally and completely real life" circle was punched from an Ali Edwards card and stitched on top of an OLD Studio Calico card. I don't know where the circle piece came from, possibly a past Story Kit.

This week was one where I felt I could play around with it more, and I loved cutting things up and gluing down pieces. Sometimes with Project Life I get wrapped up in just putting things in pockets and calling it done, but it's fun to embellish once in a while. My favourite photo would have to be the one with my nephew shoving his face in front of his sisters while she yells "HEY!" and those chips on the far right are possibly my new favourite.

2017 | Week 13


I love the colours this week, and I love the inclusion of artwork as often as I get it. It's making the album a little thicker, but I love including it with the photos.


Here's the left side with the artwork. I will forever love including Ali Edwards' products in my albums. They're so great and I love her handwriting. I used cards from the March and April digital kits from Ali Edwards.


Here's the right side with the insert. The front had my niece's picture and the back has my nephew's. It looks like a happy face and I love it. 


Here's both pages without the insert. Those colours!


Left side is all about imperfect photos. The photo of Gracie on the top right is actually a vertical photo, but I couldn't crop it to look right, so I just turned the whole photo. The bottom right photo is super dark, but I'm leaving it because our house is kinda dark when I get home from work.


The right side is my two favourite children and a new boardgame. A photo of each of them colouring their picture for me and my nephew cuddling with his other Auntie. We tried out a new game, so of course I had to include it.


A close up of the circle cluster. I used some digital elements from the kit(s) linked above, a chipboard piece and a diecut from my stash.