2017 | Week 24


Today I'm sharing week 24 which includes another piece of artwork from my Niece.


Here's the full spread, sans insert. For my title card, I used one of the cards in this digital set that Ali released with her One Little Word products earlier this year. So much green in my photos this week. My favourite part of Spring & Summer for sure! I used cards from the May & June digital kits by Ali Edwards. I also pulled in a super old card from Studio Calico, and a scrap of paper from work on the weekend.


I filled this side with the weekly backyard photo, a selfie, a list of ways I took care of myself this week, and a flower photo (of course). The photo of the fireplace was taken at the eye doctor, they moved offices since my last visit, and I don't often take photos during doctor visits, but I thought "why not".


The right side contains a photo of Gracie (of course), more flowers, a round of Super Dungeon Explorer (our current favourite game). We managed to get together to go out for dinner on Father's Day so I snapped a photo of my niece colouring the picture included in this spread.

This chipboard piece is from this years Week in the Life kit. I peeled some layers off the back to make it a little thinnerand used my tiny attatcher to staple it down and then journaled around it with a white pen. Love how it came together.

I'm hoping to photograph my Week in the Life album in the next couple of days and get it ready to go up starting Friday. Wish me luck!

2017 | Week 23


Do you ever have those weeks when you get to the end of it and realize that most of the photos you took were from Snapchat or your Instagram stories? That was me for this particular week, but I went with it. I collaged them into 4x6s and slipped them straight into the pockets. I love that they already have bits of the story right there and leaves me journaling space for other things that happened by don't have photos.


The left side is super simple. I added little chipboard stars throughout the spread and tried to carry the green, blue and grey across. I stamped "this" onto the green chipboard "home" and wrote in the circle a bit about how I love our home. This week I started and finished stitching the page I want to use as the title for my brother/sister-in-law's wedding album (which I only documented in my IG Story).


The right side was kept mostly simple. Just some chipboard stars and lots of words. I didn't document the flowers as much this year it seems, but I think the Bearded Iris (top right photo) is my favourite of the flowers we have in the front yard. Every year it gets bigger and grows more flowers.

2017 | Week 22


Lately I've been trying to use some of the stamps and miscellaneous embellishments from various kits that have been accumulating around my craftroom. I've also noticed that I go through more 3x4 cards than 4x6, so I've had to dig a little deeper into my stash to find additional 3x4 cards, or some 4x6s that I could cut in half.


The left side contains an old card from Studio Calico, and some cards from the Becky Higgins Aqua core kit. The little home rubber circle is from this years week in the life kit.


The right side is my favourite. I've become less type A about my memory keeping, and I'm open to trying different things, like adding some random chipboard bits, or putting photos onto a digital version of a card, typing out the story and printing the whole thing out and slipping it into a pocket.


This card is from the Fun Digital Story Kit (no longer available, but watch Ali Edwards' site for past story kit sales). I opened it in Photoshop and using some skills I learned from Ali's Hybrid workshop, I added the photos where the card said "photo" and typed my story along the side and printed it out. So much easier than fighting with the physical card to fit my photos or write my story by hand and hope I could write small enough to make it fit.

2017 | Week 21


For week 21, I trimmed down a card and wrote this quote out and stuck it on the back of the cork speech bubble from the previous week. I shared this quote on Instagram several weeks ago, and have been trying to put it into practice ever since. It feels so great to hear that something you made inspired someone else to make something, especially when that person is already a huge inspiration to you.


Here's the full spread for week 21. I dug through my stash and found some really old Project Life cards from the Floral Theme Pack. I also added in a card from the May Digital kit by Ali Edwards.


I kept the left side pretty simple. I tried to carry the pink and the navy through the spread with touches of green to compliment all the green in the photos.


The right side includes a few embellishments from my stash. A couple of word phrase stickers and a chipboard heart layered over a heart I fussy cut from a journal card. I cut the love you banner on the top right photo from the same journal card as the heart. I love that the sunset naturally pulls in a bit more pink.


And a couple of close ups. Thanks so much for coming by to see this spread. Hoping that on Wednesday I can have something to share other than Project Life. Maybe a bit of my Week in the Life album.

2017 | Week 20


I always have good intentions of staying on top of my spreads and sharing them in a reasonable time frame, but after the first 3 months and the excitement of the year wears off, it's harder to get to them. My creative mojo ebbs and flows and sometimes I make 10 projects in a single week and sometimes I go 2 weeks without making anything.


Here's the left side of week 20. I didn't have enough photos to fill all the pockets, so I included a card from this set by Ali Edwards. She had them in physical form at the start of the year with gold foil, but I opted for the digitals so I can print them when I want. I love the simple black and white.


I have so many little chipboard pieces that I pulled some orange and green stars to fill a bit of empty space next to the date.


I dug out a really old Kellie Stamp and added an ampersand to this card from a past Story Kit because I love AND hate surprises. This was a mixture of both, so it worked perfectly.


Simple. A few embellishments from the 2017 digital kits Ali's releasing this year (check them out here). 


I'm being OPEN (my one little word this year) to including typed stories when it's too long for the journal card. I have this one in physical form in my stash, but I knew I'd never fit everything if I hand wrote it. I opened the digital file, added the photo, typed the story and printed the whole thing together on photo paper. 


I also love writing around shapes. Seriously love how it looks. I also love including bits from Jon, and he got up before me and set up the coffee so I just had to turn it on. So sweet of him, and of course I had to keep his post-it note. The speech bubble just floats in the pocket so I can see through it and I love including little bits like that.


I trimmed a journal card and then journaled around it. Love the white on the green, and the full plant photo.