2017 | Week 39


I love fall. In the last few years it's been warmer than when I was growing up. I love it! I also love that it gives us a little more time to savour the season, but then the wind comes in and blows all the leaves off super early. I'm using a mix of past Ali Edwards collections and her September Digital kit.


When Ali Edwards talks about completing multiple weeks of Project Life in one go, she mentions "formulas" that she uses to simplify her process to make it go quicker so she can get more completed. I took her formula of repeating a single embellishment across a spread, and used it to complete the next few weeks of layouts. This week I added a chipboard piece to each photo, except the yard photo (for no reason other than I clearly forgot about it), and the title card.


I LOVE this label set that Ali recently released in her shop I love that they're neutral enough to go with literally everything, but muted enough that they won't create too much contrast. I love how thick her label stickers are and I love the shapes they come in.


I know that generally Ali tries to stick to a similar shape when she adds embellishments, but I love the variety of banners and word strips. I also love all the white space for journaling on a lot of her journal cads. My favourites are the ones with little titles that allow me to tell a particular story, like things I'm grateful for, or the people I'm with.

2017 | Week 38


Forever love this photo. Today I'm sharing week 38, and trying to use more random embellishment bits that I've been hoarding instead of using.


Ali Edwards will forever by my favourite product designer. I love her handwriting and her philosophy to tell your story no matter what it looks like. I love that her intention behind her products is to prompt you to tell your stories, and that's exactly what I'm doing here. I use bits from her past physical kits and I printed a few cards from her September digital kit.


I love the leaves I included in the spread the week before. See-through bits will always be my favourite. I also love including text messages once in a while. 


This week I'd participated in #thursday3 on Instagram, so I had a selfie and 3 facts from Thursday that I wanted to include. I just used some washitape to tape the journal card and the photo together to fit into the 4x6 pocket. 

2017 | Week 37


Today I'm sharing week 37. The other day Jon asked me roughly how many photos of Gracie I include in an average year. If I had to guess, I'd say probably close to 60. I have at least one almost every week, and some weeks have 2-3. She's a very adorable and very important part of our lives, so I'm happy to fill pockets with photos of her.


The left side includes the back of the ampersand from the week before, some cards from this digital kit and this kit, both by Ali Edwards. The camera card is from this set by The Crafty Pocket.


The 4x6 "Stuff I'm looking forward to this season" card is from the September Digital kit by Ali Edwards. I didn't have enough photos to fill all the pockets, and I love being able to add a simple bit of journaling to cover my favourite bits of this season.


I found these leaves when I was working on a design team project for Wild Whisper Designs (check out the project here), and I had some laying on my desk when I was working on this spread, so I tucked two off them into the pocket and stitched it closed.


I'm one of those people who hoards embellishments, specifically chipboard, and never gets around to using them. But I've been trying to include more throughout my spreads, even though they add bulk to my albums. I love that they add a little something extra and help me tell my stories in a more authentic way. All of the embellishments here are from past Story Kits.

2017 | Week 36


Ok so, I needed to have this photo at the top of the post because it literally cracks me up every time I see it. 


Here's a look at week 36. This week is basically about Gracie laying in various spots, and me reading in different spots, and also some stickers I made using a couple of digital kits.


The left side is basically two funny stories. Gracie for whatever reason wouldn't lay in her kitty bed and Jon battling for his life against a fly. The book I was reading was Beartown by Fredrik Backman. It was SOOO good, even if you absolutely hate hockey.


That morning sunlight. Gracie laying ON the pillow, and my blanket. Gracie curled up on the bed beside me, always. She likes to lay on the edge so she can hear what's happening in the rest of the house, and see out the door. The ampersand is just floating in the pocket with nothing behind it. I just left the back side white and didn't stick anything else in the pocket. I also made some stickers using two of the fall kits from The Crafty Pocket and my silhouette. I love being able to use digital products in different ways and make them work for me.

2017 | Week 35


I love basically everything Ali Edwards makes. Her goal is to help us tell more intentional stories, and capture the messy reality that is life and this week I did exactly that.

**The photo of the dumpster fire is not something she made, it's from google, but all the cards I used this week, and all except 2 embellishments are from various kits/shop releases


The left side contains the photo of the dumpster fire. It legitimately sums up my work life for basically this entire year, and it was on my phone because I sent it to a former coworker who was asking how things have been. I've been trying to include more photos of myself - which sometimes mean selfies that are missing half your face, have a double chin, yet somehow your hair looks nice, and you were wearing your favourite shirt, so you keep it.


On the right side, I literally made a point of eating pizza one day so I could finally use that pizza rubber shape from the Eat Story Kit (you can get the digital version HERE for the next two weeks). I got to babysit my niece and nephew this week, and we played lego, watched movies, jumped on the trampoline (I made a layout about the trampoline HERE), and played with playdough.