2017 | Week 13


I love the colours this week, and I love the inclusion of artwork as often as I get it. It's making the album a little thicker, but I love including it with the photos.


Here's the left side with the artwork. I will forever love including Ali Edwards' products in my albums. They're so great and I love her handwriting. I used cards from the March and April digital kits from Ali Edwards.


Here's the right side with the insert. The front had my niece's picture and the back has my nephew's. It looks like a happy face and I love it. 


Here's both pages without the insert. Those colours!


Left side is all about imperfect photos. The photo of Gracie on the top right is actually a vertical photo, but I couldn't crop it to look right, so I just turned the whole photo. The bottom right photo is super dark, but I'm leaving it because our house is kinda dark when I get home from work.


The right side is my two favourite children and a new boardgame. A photo of each of them colouring their picture for me and my nephew cuddling with his other Auntie. We tried out a new game, so of course I had to include it.


A close up of the circle cluster. I used some digital elements from the kit(s) linked above, a chipboard piece and a diecut from my stash.

2017 | Week 12

Today I'm sharing week 12. For this week I used my mega date stamp from Studio Calico (they've re-opened pre-orders for it here) and the February and March digital kits from Ali Edwards.

The left side with the usual backyard view. It's hard to see, but I highlighted the passage on the top right photo. The words were important to me in that moment. I'm envious of everyone who gets spring starting on or before the first official day of spring, it usually takes until mid-may for us to completely get out of winter, and this week is a prime example of that. It snowed several times.

Here's the right side with a photo of my desk and the finished engagement album I did for my brother and sister in law. I try to make a point of including at least one photo of my niece and nephew on the weeks I make it over to see them, and this week I left space on the top right photo to journal a bit. I kept things simple and just got it done.

2017 | Week 11


This is the part where I ramble about little details of the week, like how Jon turned 31 this week and how I finished two and a half books this week, or how I had dinner with my sister when I should have been working, and last but not least I ate about half to two-thirds of a giant bag of mini eggs while creating this week. Seriously though, the eggs didn't make it past Sunday.


The left side is all about using my stash. The title card is a super old card, possibly from the Project Life value kit Notes & Things. The it's your birthday card is a super old Elle's Studio and the other two are from Ali Edwards.


The right side is books, little people that mean the world to me, and dinner. There's so much joy in these pages despite not looking like much. More cards from Ali Edwards including her digital January Kit (here), the tea + books card is old studio calico that I've been hoarding FOREVER and the books speech bubble is older Ali Edwards, the card beneath it is old Feed Your Craft (beautiful kits released every other month on the 15th)

As someone who picks books based on their cover, and reviews from people I follow on Instagram, I have only stopped reading 1 book halfway through, and it wasn't one I picked for myself, it was one that was given to me and I was told "I think you might like this". I hated it. None of these are that book. I actually enjoyed every single one of these. The bottom left book "Everything Leads to You" has a beautiful cover with purple foil. I almost regret crushing it in a single day.

2017 | Week 10


A combination of Studio Calico and Ali Edwards cards this week. A couple from her Bond Story Kit (no longer available). Still loving the mega date stamp, still using my stash, and still imperfectly telling my story in all of it's imperfectness.


Here's a look at the left side. Gracie found a ball that was left somewhere in the house after we re-homed our other cat, and she's loved playing with it. Her being playful brings us so much joy. My niece caught in action telling a story, or just being weird, I'm not quite sure. We laughed a little at it (she laughed too) and I told her that this photo would come out at her wedding.


My nephew growling because my sister said "say cheese". He covered the dog with his blankie and asked for a photo with her. We bought a new couch and area rug for the basement. Trying to create another space for us to hang out. We got together with my siblings and played some boardgames and drank, and laughed. So much fun. I also included some work stuff this week, which I don't usually because my view doesn't ever really change.

2017 | Week 09

Artwork will forever be my favourite thing to include, and I love that they love drawing pictures for me to take home. Some of them go on the fridge for a bit (there's a huge stack of my niece's old drawings) and sometimes they go straight to my desk, get a date stamp and a page protector.

Here's week 9 without the insert. I found some pink rubber stars in my stash, and stapled two of each colour onto a few places in this spread. I used mostly cards from Studio Calico, except the title card which is from this Ali Edwards digital kit


Here's the left with the insert (the house/tree was drawn by my sister). So much encouragement on this week. February was a crazy month for us, and I was grateful when it was over because it was like letting out the breath I'd been holding for the entire month. I think the only thing that got me through the month was my One Little Word practice which is detailed on the bottom right photo. I shared about it on Instagram as well (here). 


The right side with the insert and more little drawings from my sister. The top right photo is actually a funny story. I was sitting in the chair and my nephew wanted to cuddle with me, but my niece also wanted me to help her with her activity book. Like my own personal space doesn't matter (to them it really doesn't. Aunties are for cuddling).

I added in a photo from my IG story because it already had the story on it. I also included a couple of snapchats my sister sent me while we were going through my brother's wedding photos (they make me laugh). The three of us (okay the two of them mostly) made dinner and I used my photo ninja skills to snap that photo, but I made sure to include the muffin in the bottom right corner because I also made muffins that day.